Bushnell Golf Range Finder

I just purchased my second Bushnell golf range finder. A rangefinder for golf is one of the best investments I've made to help with my golf game. In fact, my golf buddies who have their own fancy golf GPS systems are asking me how far the pin is from their ball. Now why would I want to help them get a better score than me?

Golf Laser Range Finder or GPS

Bushnell Golf Range Finder

Why do I like golf rangefinders better than golf GPS devices?

I had to really think about this when I went to the golf superstore to pick out what I thought would surely improve my game - some of my golfing buddies love their GPS and others think their rangefinders give them that scoring edge - although their golf scores are not a good reflection of which one is better :)

What would you buy if you could get either a Bushnell Golf Range Finder or one of the best golf GPS devices?

That was the dilemma I faced on my birthday. My wonderful wife said she would get the best golf GPS unit for me and so we headed to the Golf Super Store - at least that's what I understood her to say.

The salesman did the best possible job in telling me all the virtues of a golf GPS unit, my wife was ready to buy it and wrap it up for my birthday, but ONE THING kept holding me back ...I wanted to know how far my ball was from the pin.

A golf laser range finder provides the golfer with the most important information - how far is it to the pin or to the target. A rangefinder for golf provide several benefits over golf GPS devices:

bushnell golf range finder

1.  No one time or annual membership fees for updates

2.  Can be used on any golf course

Not all golf courses can be downloaded to a GPS device.

3.  Easy and Simple

No hooking up to my computer, finding the website, looking for the course and then downloading. I am always ready to go.

4.  One Step - Just Aim
 Just aim your laser to get distances

5.  Finds the target quickly and accurately

This is why I walked out of the store with the Bushnell Rangefinder instead of a GPS device.

Pinseeker Laser Rangefinder

Pinseeker Laser Rangefinder

Other golf laser rangefinders will target the larger objects that surround the pin. Because these larger objects, such as trees, contain greater signal strength than the target or pin, the result can be false readings.

So Bushnell created PinSeeker technology, which is why I stick with the Bushnell golf range finder.   It is able to give an accurate reading because it can isolate your target and shut out background hazards - how I do not know.

When your rangefinder for golf senses more than one object, the closer of the two is displayed so that the desired distance is calculated every time within plus or minus 1 yard.

Bushnell Tour V2

I ended up getting the Bushnell Tour V2. I like the compact size and the ease of figuring out distances to the green within seconds.

The Tour V2 does include PinSeeker technology, which provides what I think is the best accuracy with no false readings.

Bushnell Tour V2

I often found that my buddies who used golf gps devices do not have the accuracy as I do with my Bushnell golf range finder.  

With PinSeeker , you can easily figure out the distance to flags no matter where the flag is or what other objects or trees are in the background.
I have found that the Tour V2 gives me the accurate distance information I need to make smart shots - now I just need some new clubs for more added advantage :)

Bushnell Tour V3 Jolt Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder

If you are wanting to improve your golf score you need to improve the accuracy of your shots - hit too far - you've added another shot; hit too short again an increase in your score. Golf laser range finders are key for an improved game.

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