Kangaroo Golf Cart

Consider a Kangaroo golf cart if you are looking for an electric golf push cart.

Remote Controlled Golf Carts

Kangaroo Motorcaddies are one of several makes of these electric powered carts. Kangaroo Products Company is an independently-owned firm in Columbus, North Carolina, USA.

There are lots of benefits to walking the course using remote controlled golf carts - for you and for the golf course.

1. Good for your Health

Walking benefits our cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose levels ( that's what my wife says who is a registered nurse) without the strain of carrying or pulling your bag.

2. After 18 holes You still have Energy

It's the pulling and pushing a heavy golf cart that drains me (especially after 27 holes of golf). I feel better and still have energy walking the course without carrying those heavy clubs.

3. The Game goes Faster

Tell this to the golf course owners who require players to ride golf carts. After each shot you can walk right to your ball without having to go back to get on your golf cart.

4. Your Game Improves

Well, that's what the Kangaroo Golf Cart website says. But if you are any kind of an athlete you will understand the benefits of a "warm body." By walking (rather than sitting in a cart) you increase your circulation and your muscles become more limber and warmed up. This in turn does help avoid muscle strain. Warmed up muscles are better for your swing.

5. Good for the Course

Actually Kangaroo's design is made to be good to the turf, the weight is less than the impact of your own foot.

6. Saves you Money

Try that idea on your wife. It costs me $9 to use a golf cart and I play at least 2x a week. Even if I split the cost of the cart, in one year I would save $468!

7. Easy to set up and take down

Kangaroos disassemble in just 60 seconds and fit in even the smallest cars.

8. Great Warranty

Their warranty is up to 5 years on several of their models. Parts and service are available at the company’s factory in North Carolina.

Electronic Kaddy

There are 4 different models of this electronic kaddy. Not all of them are a remote controlled golf cart. They are:

1. Hillcrest Special Edition

This is the most expensive at $2,500 and does include the remote control unit called the CaddieCommand Remote.

2. Hillcrest AB

Cost is $1672 without the CaddieCommand Remote, but it can be added.

3. Model 5

The cost is $1199 without the remote and it cannot be added.

4. Cadet

The cost is $987. This is the most basic model.

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