Sun Mountain Golf Carts

Sun Mountain golf carts offer several features that I really like and as you can see it is the push cart that I use when I walk the course.  This company turned the traditional pull cart concept into the greatly improved push cart trend. 

sun mountain golf carts

Most golfers, including me, prefer the ergonomics of pushing their golf cart instead of pulling it when they walk.

These push golf carts are very light weight and easy to fold up and put into the car. They hold the score card and pencils either on top or under a protected clear lid.

There is lots of storage space for golf balls, extra jacket, and rain gear. To protect me from the rain (and sun) there is an attachable umbrella holder.

The score card, balls, tees,and pencil are easily accessible from a holder on the push handle. The cup holder is located there as well.

Sun Mountain Golf Carts
Solid Foam Tires

sun mountain push cart tires

My old Sun Mountain push cart had inflatable tires - which deflated frequently - I think it was because I initially over-inflated them.

I thought about getting new inner tubes which can be replaced at $13.95 a piece which amounts to almost $45 - but I'd still have the old tires that could deflate.

For $89.95 you can buy three new solid foam tires.

Sun Mountain Speed Cart Foam Tire Kit

sun mountain golf cart wheels

I bought them and put them on my old push golf cart and it looks and works just like new. I've got a friend who is moving to Peachtree City and loves to golf.

It will make a great house warming or should I say "golf warming" gift. Even with a full bag of clubs, this cart is easy to push for a full game of golf - this is the result of the three solid foam tires.

sun mountain golf cart wheels

I am much happier with the new tires which never need inflating.

So if you are in the market for a new push cart, go to Amazon for a good selection Sun Mountain golf carts.

Sun Mountain Golf Umbrella

The Sun Mountain Golf Umbrella easily attaches to the cart. Living in Georgia, the sun get's pretty hot and the shade provided by the umbrella is a nice feature. You can have shade wherever you walk.

sun mountain golf umbrella

I seldom needed to use it for rain, since we were experiencing a drought for the last couple of years. That seems to have changed and I am now using it for rainy golf days as well. Don't worry about it turning inside out on a windy day as it has a windproof spring mechanism. The fiberglass shaft and ribs means it is durable and lightweight.

They are available in several different color schemes and it goes for about $40. It's been a good investment for me. I've had mine for several years and see no need to replace it any time soon. You can get yours at Amazon here:

Sun Mountain Golf- 2015 Manual Umbrella Silver

Sun Mountain Golf Carts
Speed Cart V1

sun mountain golf carts

I just got a new Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1 212 and for one main reason - I just couldn't keep the tires inflated on my old one.

I could have replaced the tires on my old Sun Mountain Speed Cart, but there are several features that I like about this new push golf cart:

1. No more flat tires or de-flated tires.

2. Easy fold-down design (folds down in seconds, fits easily into car trunks) and folds up for easy storage

sun mountain golf carts

3. Adjustable front wheel alignment

4. An adjustable handle to help position arms and shoulders in most natural position.

5. Place to hold your golf umbrella

6. Easy to manuever

7. Hand brake that works really great and holds the cart still on any incline

sun mountain golf carts

8. Holds the golf cart bag securely without straps.

Just tighten the knob at the top of the cart for a secure fit

sun mountain golf carts

9. Pencil, tee and ball holders

10. Mesh headcover tray

11 Solid foam tires

Color options include black, silver, blue, white, yellow, orange or red.

There are lots of benefits to using a golf push cart - besides getting some exercise, it helps me to focus better on my golf game and since I'm not renting a golf cart, it actually saves me money too. Check out the reviews at Amazon for the 2017 model here:

Sun Mountain Speed Cart 2017 GT Push Cart

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