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Correct Golf Cart Battery Charging for Longer Life
May 05, 2022

Correct Golf Cart Battery Charging for Longer Life

Now that spring is around the corner, our golf cart is getting lots of good use - on and off the golf course - which means I need to pay attention and make sure it is fully charged and ready at a minute's notice for when the golf course is calling me :)

Charging your electric golf cart batteries correctly can extend the life of your batteries and can save you lots of money so that you don't need to replace your batteries as often. Correct golf cart battery charging practices are easy and yet these tips are vital for keeping your batteries performing at their best.

The two most important things to know are:

1. Golf cart battery charging needs to be done after every use.

Even if you only use it for 10 minutes to run to the store or or in my case, to the driving range, you need to plug in the charger when you return. Your batteries will experience a longer life when they are kept at the highest possible state of charge while minimizing the battery’s depth of discharge.

2. Never run your batteries until there is no charge left.

It is NOT a good thing when you see the golf cart battery charge indicator flashing. This is called a deep discharge and this practice can shorten the life of your batteries.

And in some cases if you run the batteries down completely, you will have difficulty re-charging them. Deep cycle batteries need a little bit of charge left to take a charge from your battery charger.

For more tips on charging your golf cart batteries click here:

Tips to Correctly Charge Your Electric Golf Cart Batteries for Longer Life

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