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Golf Cart Batteries - Tips From An Expert to Extend Their Life
May 24, 2012

Golf Cart Batteries - Tips from an Expert to Extend Their Life

Did you know that most electric golf cart owners shorten the life of their batteries or experience premature golf cart battery death just because they lack some simple knowledge on golf cart battery maintenance?

Deep Cycle Batteries

The reason for this is not that golf cart battery maintenance is so hard or difficult, it's because the batteries are deep cycle batteries and work differently than car batteries or batteries that are used for electronic devices.

So what people know about the above batteries does not apply to deep cycle batteries. That is about to change for you because golf cart battery expert, Terry Felner from shares with us some of his top (and easy) tips for extending the life of your batteries.

He also tells us about some inexpensive additives that, listen to this, increase battery life, prevent corrosion, reduce water consumption and toxic fumes.

Save some serious money by increasing the life of your batteries here:

Golf Cart Batteries - Top Tips by Terry

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Bill Degner

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