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Golf Cart Batteries Not Holding a Charge?
June 18, 2015

Golf Cart Batteries Not Holding a Charge?

A friend was over last night and told me that he had fairly new Trojan batteries put in his golf cart just 3 years ago, but the power and longevity of the charge has weakened. He can't go as far on a single charge and is experiencing less power going up hills.

He does frequent maintenance on his lead acid batteries keeping the cells watered, battery terminals corrosive free and charges it after each use.

While I can't explain why his batteries aren't performing optimally, I did suggest he may want to look into a Battery Life Saver (BLS).

A BLS may be a better option than buying all new batteries. To replace a set of deep cycle batteries can cost about $700-$800 . Batteries are the most expensive part of operating an electric golf cart. How do you know your batteries are getting old? Well the cart doesn't go as far as it used to when fully charged, it takes longer to get it fully charged and you may notice that it just doesn't have the power or speed that it once had.

Battery Life Saver

Always trying to save some cash, I became interested in a device that can extend the life of golf cart batteries. I contacted the company to see if they would give us some info on how this device works and who would benefit from having one. Mine was installed a year ago - but put on new batteries so that the batteries would last longer.

If you are putting the BLS on older batteries it can actually take 2-4 weeks before one notices improvement.

Find out how to double or maybe triple the life of your batteries and watch a short video that explains it all here:

Why Aren't My Golf Cart Batteries Holding a Charge?

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Bill Degner

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