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Your Guide to Choosing a Golf Cart Enclosure
November 09, 2012

Your Guide to Choosing A Golf Cart Enclosure

We have owned our Club Car golf cart enclosure for almost a year and there's several things I like about it and a couple of things I would have done differently.

How the Golf Car Enclosure Attaches to the Golf Cart

The two systems for attaching the enclosure to the bottom of the golf cart are a snap system like the one pictured or a hook that stretches to catch the bottom of the cart.

Most people who have the snap system are quickly frustrated. The enclosure fabric often shrinks making it almost impossible to snap the enclosure, leaving it to flap in the wind. We attach our cover with hooks that are attached to a piece of elastic that stretches, making it easy to put on or remove the cover.

Clear Plastic on the Back of the Enclosure

What I would have done differently is to be sure that the back panel had clear plastic where the rear tail lights are, so that when driving at night, anyone behind us can see the rear lights.

My back enlcosure panel is solid and it is black, so the rear lights are barely noticeable when driving on the golf cart paths at night.

Find out more about fabric selection, sizes, and styles from a real golf cart owner:

Your Guide to Choosing a Golf Cart Enclosure

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Bill Degner

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