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Stay Warm in Your Golf Cart
January 08, 2019

Stay Warm In Your Golf Cart

Now that colder weather has set in, keeping warm in your golf cart certainly can make for a more comfortable ride or round of golf.

Golf Cart Heaters and Seat Warmers

There are two different ways to provide heat to your cart.

1. Use a Golf Cart Heater

There are propane heaters that require a propane cartridge and fit inside a cup holder on the dash. With the use of a golf cart enclosure your space becomes really warm very quickly.

2. Warm Up Your Golf Cart Seat

Simple seat blankets made of warm flannel cover up the cold plastic of golf cart seats to take off the chill. Lava seats have been around a long time - simply heat them up in the microwave before heading out and you'll have a warm seat for hours.

Check out these options at:

Ideas for Keeping Warm in Your Golf Cart

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Bill Degner

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