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Vampires, Twisters and Storm Troopers
November 03, 2021

Vampires, Twisters and Storm Troopers

And I'm not talkin' about Dracula, tornadoes, or Star Wars .... what I am talkin' about is what can turn your ordinary golf cart into something truly custom. There isn't a lot of ways to really jazz up one's golf cart to give it that custom look and feel but ... the one that gets my attention the most are custom golf cart wheels.

The number or thickness of the spokes provides lots of variety to the style of the wheel. So does the finish or combination of finishes. A recent trend in my golf cart community is colored wheels. Some are solid black or white and others are available in color combinations of white and blue or red and machined aluminum finish.

Of course the size and type of tire will determine what type of wheel is needed for your cart.

Check out some pictures to find out which style is your favorite ...

Custom Golf Cart Wheel Pictures and Ideas

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