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Electric or Gas Golf Cart?
November 14, 2013

Electric or Gas Golf Cart?

Are you wondering which type of golf cart is better ...electric or gas? It all depends on how one will be using the cart. So here are some things for you to consider:

Mileage, Maintenance and Money


Do you plan to use your cart for hours out in the woods with no access to electricity? As long as you have a can of gas you can keep going. Once an electric golf cart charge has been depleted it needs several hours to recharge. How many miles can an electric cart typically go on one charge? It depends on the age and the condition of the lead acid batteries. But one can expect between 45-60 miles on one charge with new, fully charged batteries.


Do you like to do the maintenance on your golf cart? Even though electric golf carts require some maintenance, such as checking battery cables for corrosion and water levels in the batteries, there is much less maintenance with an electric cart. Just like a car a gas cart requires oil changes and tune ups.

Money Saving

Electric run carts cost less to operate than those that require gas, regular oil changes and tune ups. As gas prices go up so does the cost of using a gas cart. It costs more money per use for gas run carts, but an electric cart requires the replacement of a set of deep cycle batteries every 4-8 years which will cost several hundred dollars.

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Gas or Electric Golf Carts?

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Bill Degner

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