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Golf Cart Floor Mats for Personalizing and Protecting Your Floor
March 25, 2024

Golf Cart Floor Mats for Personalizing and Protecting Your Floor

Upgrading your cart with a custom golf cart floor mat is an inexpensive and easy way to protect your cart and give it a fresh look. Golf cart floor mats offer many benefits such as ...

1. Protect your floor from sand, mud and debris

2. Provide an easy to clean option by simply hosing off mud or sweeping out sand

3. Personalize your cart for a custom look

4. Easy to install with some that stay in place without any need for drilling

5. Fairly inexpensive custom golf cart accessory

This golf cart accessory comes in two different materials - rubber or aluminum diamond plate. Because the mats are pre-cut they are specific to your golf cart make, model and sometimes year.

Rubber mats are simply placed on the floor of your cart (some owners will secure it with a couple of screws if it is shifting) while diamond plate floor mats require a rivet gun, drill and a 3/16" drill bit.

Click on the link to see pictures and to get ideas for adding this custom golf cart accessory to your cart:

Your Guide to Golf Cart Floor Mats that Protect and Personalize Your Cart

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