Golf Cart Floor Mats

Golf cart floor mats provide protection from sand, dirt and debris while also giving your cart a more custom, rugged look and feel.  Depending on the purpose of your mat the two types of material you can use are diamond plate or rubber.

golf cart floor mats

Rubber Golf Cart Floor Mats

Rubber mats come in three different styles.  A rubber diamond plate design, a rubber link mat, or one by Club Clean with water channels.

golf cart floor mats

These mats are pre-cut to fit around the foot controls and so they are specific to your golf cart make and model.  Easy to install, easy to remove  and easy to clean by either hosing off debris, sweeping out the sand or removing it and giving it a good shake.

Some people find that the mat moves and will secure it with a couple of screws.

rubber golf cart floor mats

If you are finding that the mat slides when entering or leaving the cart you can prevent the floor mat from moving by helping the mat stick to the floor board.  First, the more you use it the better it will stick.

If you're currently experiencing cold temperatures in your area, the mat is going to slide until the sun can heat it up and naturally help it stick to the floorboard. In the meantime, you could apply grip tape to the floorboard and lay the mat on top of it.

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Check out the different golf cart mats that protect your floor when  golfing, hunting, or off-roading.  

Club Car DS/XRT Golf Cart RHINO Protective Rubber Floor Mat

Club Car Precedent Golf Cart RHINO Protective Rubber Floor Mat

Club Clean E-Z-GO RXV Gorilla Golf Cart Floor Mat

Club Clean Mats RM EZ GO TXT (Black)

New XTREME Golf Cart Mats

For a rugged, durable non-slipping floor mat that requires no tools to install consider the new golf cart floor mats by XTREME.  It will make cleaning your cart so easy!

xtreme mat red 23

It lays down nice and flat but is easy to work with. 

xtreme golf cart floor mat with red trim
  • Patented design of the floor mat and custom Xtreme Clip for retaining the mat (no tools required)
  • Full coverage mat from dash down to the base of the seat
  • Laser-measured for a snug fit around pedals and seat base
  • One-piece design; Rugged mat 8mm thick
  • Slip-resistant (non-slip) material; Signature diamond pattern channels away sand and water
  •  Choose from all black or black with blue, grey, beige, red or green trim
  • golf cart floor mats

    Your cart will look like new with this golf cart accessory.  Golf cart floors are configured differently depending on the manufacturer, model and year of the golf cart.  Be sure to select the one to fit your specific golf car.

    Golf Cart Xtreme Mats

    How to Clean Your Xtreme Golf Cart Floor Mat

    Whether you use your golf cart for golfing, hunting or off roading, your golf cart floor mat will inevitably become dirty with sand, debris, or grass. Besides not looking so good, dirt and debris can build up on the mat and either grind down the mat itself, or cause friction between the mat and your golf cart’s OEM flooring, resulting in wear and tear.  

    golf cart floor mats

    A build-up of dirt and debris on your golf cart floor mat can also lead to the growth of mold and mildew. If the mat's not regular cleaned, it can  lead to your mat smelling musty or moldy and can potentially do long-term damage to your cart’s flooring.  

    Xtreme Mats recommends these 5 steps for cleaning your mat:

    1. Remove the Mat from the Cart.   
    2. Shake Off Or Use Compressed Air to Remove Loose Debris. 
    3. Vacuum or hose down the floor mat for stuck on debris. If you have an outdoor hose, you can rinse the mat off with this, or use a shop vac or handheld vacuum. This is only really recommended if you have a lot of dirt, sand, or debris that is solidly stuck on that may be difficult to remove with hot soapy water and a scrub brush.
    4. Soak the mat in soapy water and scrub it clean. Grab some alcohol-free automotive soap of choice and soak the mat in warm soapy water. Use a golf cart floor mat cleaning brush and apply light pressure to clean the mat thoroughly and remove any remaining dirt.
    5. Rinse the Mat with clean non-soapy water, let it air dry, and reinstall.  While it may be tempting to put it in direct sunlight, we don’t recommend doing this as it can cause your golf cart floor mat to fade. Once the mat is dry, you can reinstall it on your golf cart."

    5 Steps to Cleaning Your Golf Cart Floor Mat by Xtreme Mats

    Diamond Plate Golf Cart Floor Mats

    Diamond plate mats add a custom look and feel to any golf cart.  Made of 1/8" thick diamond plate aluminum these mats require some installation and can't be removed like the rubber mats.

    golf cart floor mats

    Depending on what cart you own the kit will include 2-5 pieces.  These kits are custom pre-cut, so no cutting is needed, and are specific to your golf cart make, model and year.

    diamond plate golf cart floor mats

    The tools you will need are a rivet gun, drill and a 3/16" drill bit.   A guide is provided for you to mark where the holes need to be drilled so that you don't drill into any wiring, bolts or moving parts. Rivets are provided with the kit.

    Diamond Plate Golf Cart Floor Mats

    diamond plate golf cart floor mats

    Diamond plate kits can be purchased in kits that include 2 Rocker Panels, Access Panel, Rear Bumper, Name Plate, Shock Cover, Axle Cover, Kick Plate, and Floor Mat.  Or you can purchase just the floor mat.  Select your model - a Club DS or a Club Precedent.

    Diamond Plate Club Car Golf Cart Floor Mats

    Protective Golf Cart Garage Mat

    Battery acid spills are typical from electric battery fluid spilling over onto your garage floor. The acid will stain and damage your cement floor.  If you'd like to protect your flooring from stains and battery acid damage, place a universal floor mat under your cart. Also don't overwater your batteries.

    golf cart garage mats protect your garage from acid stains

    A large rubber mat is a protective mat that guards against battery acid, petrochemicals, most solvents, dirt and gasoline.  The fluids are collected in the upper layer and stay there so none of these chemicals will reach the cement floor.  Use a mild detergent to clean the mat and hose it off. 

    The Club Clean Floor Protector measures 5' by 8.5' and can be cut to any size with a good scissors or utility knife.  The mat is lightweight - only 4 lbs which makes it easy to move or store. 

    golf cart garage mats protect your garage from acid stains
    Keep your garage floor stain free ...

    Club Clean Floor Protector - Garage Mat

    Accessorize, customize and protect with golf cart floor mats that will give your cart a fresh new look and can be easily installed and cleaned.

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