Golf Cart Wheel Covers

Golf cart wheel covers provide a custom look to your wheels without the price of custom golf cart wheels.

Wheel covers can virtually cover your whole golf cart wheel so it looks like a custom wheel. The covers are available in chrome, black, silver or gold color. The sizes come in 8" or 10."

golf cart wheel covers

Most golf carts come with a standard white wheel, so covering it up really dresses up the golf cart. Custom golf cart wheels are in the price range of $50 - $200 each, while covers cost between $10 - $20 each.

Easy to install, just snap them in place or tap them in with a rubber hammer

Wheel With No Hub Cap

Here is what golf cart tires and wheels looks like without a hubcap. To remove your existing hub caps just pry them off gently with a flat head screw driver in a couple of areas and it will release.

golf cart wheel with no hub cap

Standard Golf Cart Wheel Cover

Here is what a tire looks like with a cheap or standard wheel cover:

golf cart hub caps

Look at the next two pictures and you can see how this small investment really dresses up your golf cart.

8" Golf Cart Wheel Covers

golf cart wheel covers

Typical golf cart wheels are 8". Buy this size wheel cover if you have 8" wheels.  They come in a set of 4.

For the best selection go on-line to buy these. The number of spokes will determine which design you like best and the finishes come in chrome, gold, black, white or beige. 

golf cart wheel covers

Wheel covers easily snap into place so you don't need to pay for any mounting fees.

Since they are made out of plastic, the shipping costs will be minimal or free from Amazon.

EZGO Metallic Gold Hubcap

8" Chrome SS Wheel Covers - 5 Spokes

golf cart wheel covers

If you want to go from standard to sporty, consider this set of 4 chrome wheel covers from Amazon with free shipping.

Golf Cart Wheel Covers for Yamaha, Club Car, EZ-GO, PAR CAR - 8" Set of 4

8" Silver Metallic with Black

Also consider the thickness and number of spokes to determine what style appeals to you the most.  Hubcaps for golf carts are made of heavy plastic and can save you hundreds of dollars compared to buying custom golf cart wheels.

golf cart wheel covers

Metallic silver and black hub caps jazz up any golf cart without the expense of installing custom wheels.  These covers do what they say - they cover up the tire so you all you see is a great looking wheel cover. 

Set of 4 Golf Cart Wheel Covers, 8" Vegas Silver Metalic w/ Black

8" Chrome Seven Spokes

golf cart wheel covers

Yet another chrome look with 7 spokes to give your golf cart a new, fresh custom look. 

Pro-Fit PF11075 Chrome Wheel Cover, 8" - Price is For 1 Wheel Cover

8" Chrome Covers

Give your cart an upgrade and new look with these hub caps that fit most golf carts.


10" Golf Cart Wheel Covers

golf cart wheel covers

This size works on any 10" steel wheel. Most of them are made out of chrome looking plastic and snap easily into place.

Sometimes the wheel covers are sold individually and others just in a set of four - so be sure to buy 4 of them if sold individually.

Decide what color you like - chrome, black or chrome and black and how many spokes you want. These covers come as a set of 4 from Amazon:

Madjax Chrome Wheel Covers Fits All Carts with 10" Wheels

Jazz up your golf cart and save some money by adding these to your golf cart tires.

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