Golf Cart Community

A golf cart community is a residential area or neighborhood where golf carts are commonly used as a primary mode of transportation within the community. These communities are designed to accommodate and encourage the use of golf carts for everyday travel, such as going to the grocery store, visiting neighbors, or accessing community amenities.

golf cart on path peach tree city

Here are some key features and aspects commonly found in golf cart communities:

  1. Infrastructure: Golf cart communities typically have designated paths, lanes, or separate roadways specifically built to accommodate golf carts. These paths are separate from regular vehicle traffic and are designed with safety in mind.
  2. Regulations: To ensure the safety of residents and promote responsible use of golf carts, these communities often have specific regulations and guidelines regarding golf cart usage. These rules may include speed limits, age restrictions for drivers, and requirements for cart maintenance and insurance.
  3. Amenities: Golf cart communities often provide a range of amenities accessible by golf cart. These may include golf courses, clubhouses, swimming pools, parks, recreational facilities, shopping centers, and restaurants.
  4. Environmentally friendly: One of the main reasons for the popularity of golf cart communities is their focus on reducing pollution and promoting eco-friendly transportation. Golf carts produce fewer emissions compared to regular vehicles, contributing to a cleaner and quieter living environment.
  5. Community engagement: Golf cart communities often foster a strong sense of community and encourage social interaction among residents. The slower pace of golf cart travel allows for more interaction and a closer-knit community.
  6. Convenience: Living in a golf cart community provides the convenience of being able to run errands, visit neighbors, or access amenities without needing a car. This can be especially appealing to retirees or individuals seeking a more relaxed lifestyle.

Consider a golf cart community if you love to golf or just love the idea of getting around in a golf cart instead of a car. There are many golf cart communities in the United States - especially where there is a heavy senior population such as Florida and Arizona.

golf cart community

Golf course communities make it convenient to get a quick 9 or 18 holes in on a weeknight or during the weekend. Instead of spending time traveling to the golf course, you can be actually playing in minutes.

Golf Cart Instead of a Car

Besides offering lots of opportunities for golf, a golf cart community also offers the use of golf carts for transportation and for getting around town so you can conveniently get to hair appointments, grocery shopping, schools or to friends' houses. 

golf cart community

In our community in Peachtree City we are constantly adding to the golf cart path network - whether it's a new bridge to get to a shopping center or a path to a new subdivision. If you work and play in this town, you can get to it by golf cart. My wife often grocery shops using the golf cart instead of the car.

Although it is very possible to live here without a car, if you needed to get from one end of town to the other it would take some time.

Peachtree City, Georgia

I live in a community in Peachtree City, Georgia where just about everyone owns a golf cart - even the non-golfers.

We have over 100 miles of golf cart paths. You can take the golf cart to any place in the city by traveling on beautifully shaded tree lined paths and on bridges over busy streets. By golf cart I can get to:

golf cart community

grocery stores,

to the dentist and

doctor's office,

drug stores,




friends house,

and of course the golf courses.

To get to the golf course form my house takes me less than five minutes. There are several other golf courses in town that I can play on as well. To learn more about my favorite golf cart community click here:

Peachtree City, Georgia

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