EZ Go Golf Cart

The EZ Go Golf Cart is a very familiar brand of golf carts in Peachtree City - on and off the golf course.

ezgo golf cart

They are known for their durability, reliability and performance on and off the golf course. Our local golf course just switched their fleet of golf carts from Yamaha to EZ Go. It is a top performer and favorite make for many golf cart owners.  Available as gas or electric carts, they can be used for golf, personal use or hunting.

E-Z-GO was founded in 1954 in a one-room machine shop in Grovetown, Georgia. They became part of Textron in 1961.

ezgo golf cart

This golf cart make is a durable and high-performance vehicle. EZ Go is one of the top three manufacturers which means it is easy to find and to get EZ GO parts as well as cart accessories.  Most models offer an electric or gas version. 

ez go golf carts

Enjoy taking friends or family on a golf cart ride with a 4 seat golf cart.  It can be added on to a standard 2 passenger cart.  

EZGo Golf Cart Models

There are many different EZGO golf cart models.  You will see plenty of EZGO golf carts in our community that are over 20 years old and going strong. 

EZGO golf cart models

A 4 passenger EZ Go electric golf cart is one of the most common golf carts you'll see on the paths in our golf cart community.  It is great for taking the kids to the pool or for golfing 18 (or maybe more) holes of golf.

Some of the features this golf cart manufacturer offers are:

ez go golf cart

Precision Drive System™

Provides a comfortable and quiet ride

Four-Cup Drink Holder

Console with Golf Ball & Tee Holder

Reverse Warning Indicator (which at times can be very annoying)

Sweater Basket

They are fully customizable and offer many options and accessories.  Check out the different EZGO models here....

EZGO Golf Cart Models

EZ Go Golf Cart Parts

To purchase an EZGo Golf Cart Part, you can go online and find just what you need. Many of the on-line stores offer 800 numbers where you can find a helpful and knowledgeable sales associate.

ezgo golf cart parts

Some sites offer free shipping. You will need to know the make, model and year your golf cart was made.

My favorite golf cart parts on-line store is Buggies Unlimited.

Find out how to order parts to keep your EZ Go going to:

EZ Go Golf Cart Parts

EZGo Golf Cart Accessories

Are you considering an EZGO golf cart accessory such as wheel covers, storage bags or baskets, heaters, windshields, or a cooling fan?

ez go golf cart accessories

There are lots of golf cart accessories that can be added after-market - which simply means after you've bought it.

ez go golf cart accessories

One of the most common accessories to make your golf cart usable in cold or wet weather is a golf cart enclosure.  

You can also customize your own cart with custom wheels, knobby tires, fender flares or golf cart brush guards.

Find out some of your options here:

EZGO Golf Cart Accessories

An EZ Go golf cart is a great choice for a cart that is dependable, has a long history, and a preferred golf cart manufacturer for many golf courses and golf cart owners. 

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