EZ Go Golf Cart Parts

EZ GO golf cart parts can be found easily on line or of course from your local authorized EZ GO golf cart dealer.

What Year is My EZ Go Golf Cart?

Golf cart solenoids to shocks all eventually need replacing. To order the right part you will need to know the make, model and year of your EZ Go golf cart.

ez go golf cart parts

Your Guide to EZ Go Golf Cart Parts

For EZ Go golf carts 1994 and newer the serial and manufacturer numbers can be found in the glove box area or the dash compartment on the passenger's side of the golf cart.

The plate will contain the 6 or 7 serial number.

The manufacturer's number will provide information on the year of the golf cart, but the serial number does not.

Usually the last two numbers of the manufacturer number reflects the year your golf cart was made.

EZ Go Golf Cart Manual

An EZ Go Repair Manual can certainly be useful in not only providing instructions on repairing, maintaining or upgrading your golf cart, but will list exactly what EZ Go parts are needed.

The initial investment can be recouped in your first repair.

You need to buy the repair manual that is specific to your year and model EZ Go golf cart.

Amazon carries a complete selection of golf cart repair manuals. 

EZGO Golf Cart Manuals

Unique Golf Cart Key 

EZ Go Golf cart parts to prevent theft

Did you know that most golf carts use a universal key that can fit and be used in other golf carts of the same make - making it easy for someone to steal your cart?  That's why it's important to install a unique switch and key so that only your key can be used for your golf cart.  It's about a 10" install that's well worth the peace of mind. 

EZGO 609692 Unique Key Switch for RXV Electric Vehicles

Shock Absorbers

Your golf cart has rear and front shock absorbers that when new or in good condition give you a smooth and less bouncy ride.  It's an EZ Go  golf cart part that may eventually need to be replaced. 

ez go golf cart parts

These parts are sold as a pair.  You may only need to replace the rear shock absorbers and not the front.  These EZ GO golf cart parts are specific to your golf cart make, model and year. 

EZ Go Golf Cart Shock Absorbers

Electric Golf Cart Motor

If you want to upgrade and increase the speed of your golf cart, change out the motor. Get your cart going up to 20 mph.

This electric golf cart motor is for EZGO 1988 & UP series cars.

High Speed Electric Golf Cart 36 Volt Motor 4 HP 4400 RPM 19 Spline

Golf Cart Body Parts

ez go golf cart parts

What's great about owning a golf cart is that the body parts can be easily replaced - whether it's a front cowl or a new seat.

Perhaps you need to replace a part that's broken or worn, not only is it easy to order the needed part, you can replace that part yourself.

Or maybe you are looking for ideas to customize your golf cart.

You can turn your common golf cart into a custom golf cart with custom golf cart body parts like custom golf cart wheels, fender flares, or diamond plate panels.

ez go golf cart parts

Protect your EZ Go golf cart body with fender flares that are easy to install. 

EZGO TXT Golf Cart Fender Flares 1996 & Up

EZGO RXV Golf Cart Fender Flares 

ez go golf cart parts

An EZ Go accessory that protects the front body of your cart while giving it a custom look is a golf cart brush guard. 

EZGO Brush Guards

ez go golf cart parts

Add a custom golf cart steering wheel to upgrade the look of your cart. 

Carts Gone Wild E-Z-GO RXV Custom Steering Wheel Kit, Chrome Classic Style

EZ Go Golf Cart Windshield

The new EZ Go golf cart windshields conform to the front cowl so that wind and air don't come blowing in on cold days. 

EZ Go golf cart windshield

You will find that you can get a golf cart windshield that is tinted or clear, fold down or one piece, or a short one for carts without a top.

EZGO Golf Cart Windshields

EZGo Golf Cart Lift Kit

EZ Go golf cart lift kits are added for those who like to off road in rugged terrain as well as those who like to cruise around with a smoother ride.  The two most common types of golf cart lift kits are drop axle and spindle.  Of course there are several different heights to choose from taking into account the size of your tires and wheels.

ezgo golf cart parts
EZ Go Golf Cart Lift Kits

EZ Go Golf Cart Accessories

Golf cart accessories include fun stuff like golf cart fender flares, custom wheels and tires, radios, enclosures, storage nets, or heaters and fans.  Radios can be installed in the golf cart dash board or onto the golf cart top.

ez go golf cart parts

Keep comfortable with a heater that runs either by butane or using the golf cart batteries.

My favorite golf cart accessory is a golf cart enclosure. For chilly early morning tee times (thanks to my early bird golfing buddy, Peter) or for cold, rainy days on the golf cart paths, the enclosure really helps to keep us warm and dry.

For whatever reason you have for needing EZ Go golf cart parts, you can keep your golf cart running smooth or looking really cool by getting just the parts you need.

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