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Customized golf carts give your cart a personalized look and feel by simply adding some style enhancements like fender flares, brush guards, or diamond plate features.

custom golf cart accessories

Customized Golf Carts with Fender Flares

Fender flares are specific to your golf cart make and model.  Made of a durable molded plastic, they come in a set of 4 for the front and back.

golf cart fender flares

Most of them are around 3" wide and are black. While they are functional and can protect your cart from kicked-up rocks and gravel, many people put them on their cart for looks.

customized golf carts

Fender flares are specific to Club, Yamaha and EZGO makes and models.   Some kits come with the mounting hardware and others do not as this easy install requires holes to be drilled to mount them.

customized golf carts

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Also check to see if the hardware is stainless steel or plastic as that varies as well.

Find out your options to style up your cart and protect it from dirt, gravel, and rocks here ....

Club Car Precedent Golf Cart Fender Flares

customized golf cart parts

EZGO TXT Golf Cart Fender Flares 1996 & Up

customized golf cart parts
EZGO RXV Golf Cart Fender Flares

customized golf carts
Yamaha Golf Cart Fender Flares

Customized Golf Carts with Brush and Grille Guards

While brush guards serve a purpose for carts that go off roading, it's not unusual to see them on carts in our golf cart community.  Whether you'd like one to protect the front of your cart or just for a rugged customized look, this add on golf cart accessory can be appreciated by any golf cart owner.

They come in stainless steel or black powder coated steel.

Yamaha Golf Cart Brush Guards

yamaha golf cart brush guards

A rounded design made of high gloss black powder coated finish protect your front cowel as well as the headlights.  You will need to know the make, model and year of your cart to purchase the one that fits your cart.

Yamaha Golf Cart Brush Guards

Club Car DS Brush Guards

club car ds brush guards

As you can see from the pictures the front body shapes or cowels are different based on the model or year of your golf cart.

club car ds brush guards

Above is a picture of a customized Club Car DS.   You can get these brush guards in gun metal, stainless steel or black powder coated.

The Club Car Precedent is has a rounded front cowel with a light bar positioned under the body rather than cut out lights.  The brush guard protects the front of the body and the front lights.

Club Car Brush Guards

EZGO Golf Cart Brush Guard

ezgo golf cart brush guards
golf cart brush guards

This EZGO model has the lights cut out in the front. Jakes Brush Guards are a well known and respected manufacturer for this custom golf cart part.

EZGO Brush Guards

Front Cargo or Clay Shooting Golf Cart Basket

Include a front basket for extra hauling space.

customized golf carts
customized golf carts with golf cart brush guards

Ready to go off roading with this front sporting clay basket?

Front Clay or Cargo Baskets

Customized Golf Carts with Diamond Plate Rocker Panels

customized golf carts with diamond plate rocker panels

Rocker panels come in diamond plate aluminum and polished stainless steel.  Insert the panel on each side of the cart.  Most kits come with the needed hardware.   These panels are specific to your cart make, model and year - they are not a universal part.   The stainless steel panels cost more than the aluminum diamond plate ones.  Check out your options at Everything Carts here:

Customized Golf Cart with Rocker Panels

Diamond Plate Floor Mat

customized golf cart with diamond plate floor mat

If you want to do more than rocker panels then consider a diamond plate accessory kit with the floor piece. 

This kit includes Kit Includes the following items:

2 Rocker Panels (right & left side); Floor Board, Access Panel; Rear Bumper; Name Plate; Shock Cover; Axle Cover; Kick Plate.

It is made of .125 gauge, high quality aluminum made in the USA.  As with the other accessories, you need to order for your specific cart make, model and year.

EZGO TXT Golf Cart Diamond Plate Accessories Kit W/Floor - Shiny Aluminum

Add a splash of customization to your front bumper with a diamond plate bumper cover. 

customize a golf cart with diamond plate

This part fits over your existing front bumper.  And its so easy to install, just remove the 2 bolts holding the bumper on. Install your new cover and your done.

Club Car Ds Golf Cart Diamond Plate Front Bumper Cover

Rear Seat Arm Rests and Cup Holders

customized golf cart with rear seat arm rest

Add a custom look to the rear seat with arm rests and cup holders.  Invest in a set of Madjax Arm Rests that are easy to install and as you can see add a more detailed and finished look.  

customized golf cart with rear seat arm rest

This is a universal accessory and comes in a variety of colors from black, beige, navy blue and more. 

Rear Seat Arm Rests and Cup Holders

Let your golf cart reflect your sense of style and customize with brush guards, fender flares, or diamond plate.

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