Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

Extend the Life of Your Electric Golf Cart Batteries

Proper golf cart battery maintenance will keep your batteries running strong and can save you lots of money.

golf cart battery maintenance tips

Replacing golf cart batteries is an expensive cost to owning and operating a golf cart - almost $800. Normally you can't just replace one golf cart battery. For example you can't put in one new battery with 5 old batteries. You need to buy 6 new batteries.  So the goal is to keep your used golf cart batteries around for as long as possible. There are several aspects to help keep your batteries working well and for a long time.

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Safety

golf cart battery maintenance

Working with acid, hydrogen gas and electricity requires safety precautions to prevent burns and explosions - and they do happen.

Wearing protective clothing like eye goggles and gloves are a start - but there's more.

Golf cart battery chargers are one of the most common causes of fires in Peachtree City according to a report given to us at work by the local fire department.

Find out what safety measures need to be taken before performing any type of golf cart maintenance or repairs.

Golf Cart Safety

Golf Cart Cables, Corrosion and Wiring

Check the golf cart battery wiring for loose wires, or frayed/broken cables.

Replace frayed cables and reconnect the new cables. A loose or bad connection will cause a burned out post.

golf cart battery maintenance

Loose connections cause heat which then melts the lead.

You can coat terminals with a thin layer of petroleum jelly or battery terminal anti-corrosion gel.

Battery cables can be purchased easily on line. They are specific to your make, model and year of your golf cart.

golf cart battery maintenance

My son-in-law's golf cart suddenly stopped this winter while my daughter was out on the golf cart paths.

The first place I checked was the golf cart battery cables - the cables and posts were so full of corrosion - it was a wonder it hadn't died sooner.

Cables were melted onto the posts. Regular golf cart battery maintenance could have prevented this.

Find out how to keep your cables clean from corrosion here:

Golf Cart Battery Cables

Golf Cart Battery Charging

golf cart battery charging

Charging a deep cycle battery properly is also part of proper golf cart battery maintenance. Charging correctly will also help to increase the life of your electric golf cart batteries.

There are just a few principles to learn, like do NOT let it completely discharge - meaning - don't let it completely run out of juice.

It is possible to run the batteries down so far, that they won't even take a charge. When you see the battery charge indicator light flashing because you're almost out of power - this is NOT a good thing.

To find out other ways of charging deep cycle batteries that will extend the life of your batteries click here:

Golf Cart Battery Charging Tips

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance
Watering Electric Golf Cart Batteries

golf cart battery maintenance

Over or underwatering electric golf cart batteries can damage your batteries and shorten the life of your deep cycle batteries.

Correct watering is important to golf cart battery maintenance.

You need know how to check battery water levels, what water to use and how frequently the cells need to be checked.

Find out what common mistakes new golf cart owners make and how to prevent them.

Watering Electric Golf Cart Batteries

Extend the Life Of Your Golf Cart Batteries

golf cart battery life

Are you interested in:

1. Keeping your golf cart batteries for a long time and replacing them less often?

2. Reducing the amount of corrosion that builds up on battery terminals?

3. Less frequent watering?

I know I am.

Find out what Terry Felner from Thermoil has to say about making golf cart battery maintenance alot easier.

Golf Cart Battery Additives

Battery Hydrometers

electric golf cart batteries

Battery hydrometers measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte solution in your golf cart batteries.

The higher the specific gravity the higher the state of the charge of the batteries.

However there is a "right time" to test and a "wrong time" to test to get an accurate reading.

Find out what condition your batteries are in - good, weak or replace - with this simple test.

To watch a video of me testing my electric golf cart batteries with a hydrometer click here:

Battery Hydrometers

Golf Cart Winter Storage

golf cart battery winter storage tips

Have your batteries sat unused for several months?

After batteries have sat for a long period of time they will lose their charge. How long it will take for them to "die" depends on the age of the battery and the temperature. The worst thing you can do to your golf cart batteries is to allow them to sit in a less than fully charged state for a few months.

If they have sat all winter and have lost most of their charge, your regular charger may not detect enough voltage to activate.

If you don't use your golf cart in the winter, try to check it and fully charge it at least once a month.

Batteries sitting in higher temperatures will lose their charge quicker than those in a cooler climate. To learn more tips about winter storage click here:

Golf Cart Batteries Winter Storage

Regular golf cart battery maintenance means your cart will perform optimally and the life of your batteries will be extended. 

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