Electric Golf Cart Batteries Water Levels

Electric golf cart batteries require a regular watering program to keep them running properly. It's not that hard, but it is important to maintain water levels so that the batteries are not over-watered or under-watered.

Extend the Life of Your Electric Golf Cart Batteries

Understanding golf cart batteries requires knowledge about how to check and maintain the water levels of your deep cycle batteries.

electric golf cart batteries

Many people who move to Peachtree City find themselves as golf cart owners for the first time. It's great fun to hop on the golf cart and drive it daily to do errands, take kids places or for a joy ride. But if you continue to drive it and ignore it, you may find yourself in the same boat as my friends, Jeff and Laura, new golf cart owners.

maintaining electric golf cart batteries

One day their golf cart completely and suddenly stopped on one of the golf cart paths. A local golf cart dealer picked it up and without much need for troubleshooting they told my friends that they had let the batteries go dry. They had been using their golf cart for a year and a half and never so much as lifted the golf cart seat to check anything. So now these new golf cart owners check the water levels regularly and I might add compulsively. 

Here are some critical points for you to remember:

1. Under watering can ruin your electric golf cart batteries

If the water level falls below the tops of the plates, the exposed plates can become permanently inactive which ruins your batteries.  Shining a flashlight into the cells makes it easier to see if the plates have water covering them. 

electric golf cart battery maintenance

2. Water the batteries AFTER they are fully charged unless the water levels are below the level of the plates.

If you fill the batteries before charging you may end up overfilling your batteries.

golf cart battery maintenance

This happens because the electrolyte levels rise while being charged and then can bubble out of the cap which reduces the battery capacity.

The general rule of thumb is to water 1/4" above the plate.

3. Always use distilled water.

golf cart battery maintenance

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Do not use tap water. Tap water contains minerals that are harmful to golf cart batteries. Distilled water will extend the life of your batteries. 

4. Put on gloves and goggles for protection before removing the plastic caps. Remember the cells are filled with acid.

5. Overwatering can lead to corrosion

Spilled battery acid will corrode the battery box, cables, and metal frame.

A handy battery filler is the Plews Battery Filler with Automatic Shut Off . How does it know your battery cells are full?

golf cart battery maintenance

When you press down on the nozzle to release the water, the filler cannot release more water once the water reaches the nozzle.  When you raise the nozzle up the release valve closes.

If you are looking for a battery filler that  automatically stops filling the cell when it's at the right level this gadget is for you.  

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

Golf cart battery maintenance include maintaining the correct water levels.  The Club Car manual, instructs that the water level should be "at least 1/2" above the plates or to the level indicator."

How often should you check your water levels? Well, that depends on:

golf cart battery maintenance tips

1. The Temperature

In warmer weather, the water level needs to be checked more frequently. Most golf cart manuals recommend the water levels to be checked weekly.

2. The Age of the Batteries

The older your batteries, the more frequently you need to check the water levels. You may be tempted to just check a couple of the cells, but this isn't a good indicator of all your batteries. If you're going to take the time to look at the water levels, be sure to examine all cells and all batteries. You may find that some levels may be good while other cells are low.

Maintaining the correct water levels in your deep cycle batteries may be one of the most important things you can do to protect their integrity.

Golf Cart Battery Watering System

Simplify and save time and energy from bending over to check and fill 24 cells in six different batteries with a golf cart battery watering system.  These kits are specific for 48 volt or 36 volt golf carts.

golf cart battery maintenance

What use to take 10"-15" now will take you 1"-2"

Flow-Rite Pro Fill 48V Golf Cart Battery Watering System w/Hand Pump

Are you new to golf cart ownership? The biggest investment in the cart are your electric golf cart batteries - take care of them properly and they will last for years. Don't care for them and you could be replacing them in less than a year.

If you need help understanding deep cycle batteries, how they work and how to maintain them so that they last a long time get yours here:

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

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