Golf Cart Accessories
Upgrade, Replace, & Personalize

Golf cart accessories add function, style and comfort. Keep warm and dry with an enclosure, enjoy your favorite music with a water resistant blue tooth speaker, or drive safer with a rear view mirror.

golf cart accessories

Yamaha, EZGO and Club Car Accessories

If you are buying a used golf cart from a golf cart dealer or a private owner they may have added some golf cart accessories already for you or perhaps none have been added. 

golf cart accessories

Many times golf carts are purchased from golf courses that are retiring their fleet of carts. Although these carts may run well since they've been on a good maintenance program they are usually missing some important accessories - like a rear seat, headlights and tail lights, or an extended golf cart roof.

golf cart accessories

These items can be added at any time. Here are some things you can add to your cart to make it your own.

Golf Cart Enclosures

golf cart enclosures

A golf cart enclosure comes in handy when it is raining or during the cold winter months in Atlanta. In the warm months you simply roll up the sides so that they are out of the way.

You can purchase universal golf cart enclosures that fit most common makes of golf carts or enclosures specific to your golf cart make and model.

Find out your options for style, color and design here:

Golf Cart Enclosure

Custom Golf Cart Wheels

golf cart accessories

Custom golf cart wheels accessorize any golf cart and give your cart your custom look and feel.  The size of your golf cart tire will determine the size of your golf cart wheel - unless of course you are getting new assembled combo golf cart tires and wheels.

Click on the link to see pictures of the different finishes, spokes, designs and options:

Custom Golf Cart Wheels

Golf Cart Lights

Golf cart lights - headlights and tail lights - are usually already included in most golf carts that are sold for personal use.

If you plan to use your golf cart anytime in the early morning or evening, good lights are essential.

golf cart lights

If you are buying a used golf cart, be sure to test the lights to make sure they are working.

However, used golf carts that come from golf courses that have retired their fleet of carts, have no lights. When they are sold to a golf cart dealer to be refurbished, the lights are added as an aftermarket golf cart accessory.

Replacing golf car lights can be as inexpensive and simple as buying a new bulb or an expensive venture that requires purchasing a whole new light kit.

Golf Cart Lights

Golf Cart Accessories for Hauling Stuff

golf car accessory

Golf cart owners sometimes need to get creative and come up with their own storage solutions for hauling items or groceries.

The bagwell by itself often doesn't provide enough space and if it does, it doesn't hold things very securely. 

Runaway cantaloupes and rolling apples have found their way out of the cart and onto the path on the way home from the grocery store.

Find out some ways you can keep your items IN the golf cart and off the road. 

Golf Cart Storage Baskets and Cargo Boxes

golf cart accessories

Golf cart front baskets offer extra space for hauling stuff while giving a custom and rugged look.

Golf Cart Front Baskets

Golf Cart Brush Guards

Golf cart brush guards come in several different styles that provide your cart with a rugged and custom look.

golf cart accessories

They are also functional and serve to protect the front cowl from scratches and dents.  Add fender flares or diamond plate rocker panels to make your cart your own.

Check out pictures here:

Customized Golf Cart

Custom Golf Cart Accessories

Custom golf cart accessories allow you to customize your own cart in a way that fits your style and personality.

custom golf cart accessories

Begin with the end of mind and decide what kind of finish you like whether it's mat or shiny, what coordinating colors work with your body paint color, and what kind of look you want.  Get some ideas and tips here:

Custom Golf Cart Accessories

Some links in the following sections are eBay or Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product through them I receive a small commission. There is no extra cost to you. Find more details on this page.

Golf Cart Accessories for Keeping Cool

We love using our golf cart all summer, but even the shaded tree lined paths can be too warm on a Hotlanta day.

Keeping cool(er) is possible with a golf cart fan.  The rechargeable Personal Golf Cart fan fits right into the cup holder and doesn't require any mounting or wiring.  You can take it with you when using other golf carts or for other occasions - like around the pool, patio or deck.

Other options include a clip on or overhead mounted fan.  Check them out here:

Golf Cart Fan

Golf Cart Accessories for Warmth 

Do you like to use your golf car year round or find that some mornings are just too chilly?

golf cart heater

You can ride in comfort with lots of heat with this simple accessory.

golf cart heater

A Coleman golf cart heater simply sits inside a drink holder and uses cartridges for heating. New battery operated ignition means there is no need for matches to light it.

If you use your cart frequently in cold weather you may want an electric model that get's it's power from the batteries.

Either way you will use your cart more often and longer when you stay warm:


Golf Cart Accessories for Golfing
Golf Bag Rack

My favorite of all Club Car accessories is my golf bag rack. I made sure Dean at Affordable Golf Carts got that ordered when he customized our refurbished EZ Go Car.

golf cart accessories

I come home from work, strap in the bag of clubs and off I go to hit some balls or head to the driving range.

My rack was sold separately from the safety bar and can be easily removed or replaced when not in use.

Find out about other features for this most important golf cart accessory here:

Golf Bag Rack

Golf Cart Steering Wheels

Add a custom golf cart steering wheel to your Club Car for a customized look and feel. 

golf cart accessories

You can customize your golf cart one accessory at a time.  Add an upgraded custom steering wheel for a new look and more comfortable grip. 

It's easy to remove the old steering wheel and replace with a new one.

Besides looking good, I like the feel of the thicker rim.

Of course there are lots of styles and finishes to choose from:

Golf Cart Steering Wheels

Weather Resistant Speakers

golf cart speakers

Choose from marine grade packages that include a bluetooth receiver, speakers, satellite radio tuner kit and marine radio antenna or a simple portable waterproof blue tooth speaker for anytime sound while your cruising around.

golf cart accessories for sound

Check out your options here....

Golf Cart Speaker

Golf Cart Mirror

A golf cart mirror is especially useful for those of us who live in a golf cart community, where there is lots of golf cart traffic.

golf cart accessories

Since most of the carts are electric - you can't hear them coming - but you can see them with a rear view or side view mirror.

golf car accessory

Golf cart mirrors are usually an add-on accessory - meaning they don't usually come with a new golf cart. There are rear view mirrors and side mirrors that make driving your golf cart safer.

Here in Peachtree City our paths are multi-use - meaning pedestrian and bikers use the paths as well. Having the ability to see who or what is behind you with a rear view mirror provides the visibility you need to drive safely.

Golf Cart Mirrors

Golf Cart Coolers, Cup Holders and Coozies

Be prepared for an all day outing by packing some drinks and ice in your golf cart cooler.

golf cart coolers

They come as cooler bags or as an attachable cooler to your golf cart. One actually fits onto the front cowl.

Staying hydrated is no small matter when you are out in the heat and sun all day.  Ask me how I felt after playing 36 holes of golf on the hottest day of the summer ....

Use coolers, cup holder and coozies to keep your drinks handy and cold:

Golf Cart Coolers, Cup Holders and Koozies

EZGo Golf Cart Accessories

What kind of EZGO golf cart accessories are available for customizing your cart?  From golf cart lights to golf cart lift kits, you can add accessories to give your cart your own personal look.

ezgo golf cart accessories

Check out this guide for tips and ideas for accessorizing your EZ Go Golf Cart.  

EZGo Golf Cart Accessories

U. S. Flag for Your Cart

Golf cart flags are a great way to accessorize your golf cart. It let's people know if you are a Georgia Bull Dog, an Ole Miss or a Clemson fan. Lots of golf cart owners will change out their flags and wave a US flag during the Fourth of July or Memorial Day

This high quality U. S. flag is made of heavy material that is double sided.  Colors are bright and don't fade. 

It measures 11"x15".  Velcro strips are used to attach it to the roof supports - so it fits square or round style roof supports.  A universal fit for EZ Go, Club or Yamaha golf carts. 

Brackets are easy to put on and remove. Comes with the flag, flag pole and brackets. 

USA Golf Cart Flag with EZ On & Off Bracket

There is no end to the types of flags that are available - Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Chicago Cubs, Ohio Buckeyes to Pittsburgh Steelers.

Accessorize your golf cart with either one flag or two of the same flags attached to the front struts. 

Flags can be purchased separately or as a kit with the flagpole. Amazon has a great selection of teams and flags here:

Golf Cart Flags

Golf Cart Dash

There are lots of good reasons for adding a custom golf cart dash to your golf cart - besides giving a custom look, the new dashes serve a functional purpose as well.

golf cart accessories

The biggest benefit for me is to have a locking glove box. I can throw my wallet, cell phone or expensive sunglasses in there.

The front dash is also a good place to put a radio/MP3 player and speakers.

See some pictures of different styles and finishes that are available here:

Golf Cart Dash

Storage Covers

golf cart storage covers

Golf cart covers protect your golf cart if you need to store it outside. There are universal golf cart covers that will fit a 2, 4 or 6 passenger golf cart or custom ones specifically for a Yamaha, EZ-Go or Club Car.

Find out what features to look for before you make your purchase - you'll be surprised that the least expensive one out there - may just be the best one:

Golf Cart Storage Covers


ezgo golf cart accessories

Golf cart radios can be mounted to the roof of your golf cart or installed in your console. Many of them now have the ability to hook up your iPod as well.

Because they are built to be water resistant you don't need to worry if you get caught in the rain.

To learn more click here: Golf Cart Radios

Golf cart accessories can provide a better ride, a custom look, or comfort on a hot or rainy day. 

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