Golf Cart Coolers, Cup Holders and Koozies

Golf cart coolers are a convenient golf cart accessory that allows you to store and keep beverages and snacks cool while you play golf, are out off roading, or enjoying a tailgating party.  

They can be universal or specific to a golf cart make.  Having one means there's always a refreshing drink ready to go for yourself or your friends. 

golf cart cooler

Options for Golf Cart Coolers

Here are some features and considerations when it comes to golf cart coolers:

  1. Size and Capacity  Golf cart coolers come in various sizes, so consider the amount of storage space you need. Some can hold a few cans or bottles, while others are larger and can beverages, snacks or picnic food. 
  2. Insulation.    Look for coolers with good insulation to keep your beverages cold for an extended period. Insulated walls and lids help maintain the temperature and prevent the ice from melting too quickly.  You can find hard or softer sided options.
  3. Mounting Options: Golf cart coolers usually have different mounting options, such as straps, brackets, or clips, to attach them securely to the golf cart. Ensure that the cooler you choose is compatible with your golf cart model.
  4. Durability: Since golf carts are frequently driven on uneven terrain, it's important to choose a cooler made of durable materials that can withstand bumps and vibrations without breaking or spilling its contents.
  5. Drainage: Having a drain plug or drainage system in the cooler allows easy removal of melted ice or water, making it more convenient to clean and maintain.
  6. Additional Features: Some coolers may come with extra features like cup holders, pockets for utensils or snacks, and even built-in bottle openers. 

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I like this one that can be placed on the front cowl.  Easy to put on or take off. It's not in the way of your golf clubs in the back and it can fit on any make or model golf cart.  

golf cart coolers

It's attached with adjustable buckle straps and holds up to 18 twelve ounce cans.  A drain plug allows for melted ice to drain. It comes in just one color - Tan. 

A pocket on top holds sandwiches or snacks and side pockets can hold napkins or extra balls and tees. 

Black Front Cowl Mounted Golf Cart Cooler (Universal Fit)

Attachable Golf Cart Coolers

Attach this cooler to your golf cart for easy access. 

This type of hard sided cooler holds 12 cans and ice.

A universal cooler package includes the cooler and the mounting basket.  It will only fit on a 2 seater golf cart - not on golf carts with a rear seat. 

Golf Cart Cooler Kit With Mounting Bracket Fits All Golf Cart Year, Make and Models Without a Rear Seat Kit (Universal Fit)

DIY Golf Cart Coolers

And then there are DIY golf cart coolers for those with a golf cart rear seat.

large cooler on rear seat bungee cord

Simply attach your favorite insulated cooler on the rear seat with bungee cords.

Golf Cart Cup Holder

This golf cart cup holder attaches to the upright struts of your golf cart.  The clamp is really strong and will handle any tough terrain. Use it for different size cups or insulated tumblers. It is 3 1/4" in diameter at the very top and tapers down.  The the total length is 6.5".

golf cart accessory
Clamp On ROBOCUP Cup Holder for Drinks For Your Golf Cart

Magnetic Golf Cart Can Holder

This magnetic golf cart can holder simply attaches to any of your metal golf cart struts.

golf cart cup holder

Easy to put on or take off, making it portable so you can take it with you when you are using your golf course golf carts.  It does a good job of insulating your drinks too.

Bushwhacker Magnetic Insulated 12oz Can Cooler - Great for Golf Carts

Koozie Coolers

If you are looking for the Cadillac of can koozies this is the one.  The name Thermos is synonymous with "cold."

It costs little more than a fabric koozie - so if you are serious about keeping your canned (or bottled drinks) cold this is the one to get.  I won't use any other koozie once I started using the Thermos can insulator.

Your drink will stay cold until the last drop - even after it's been sitting out in your golf cart as you continue to pursue your first hole in one. It's nothing like a fabric neoprene koozie - this one has a double walled vacuum insulation.

No sweating so no getting your hands wet.  

Thermos Stainless Steel Beverage Can Insulator for 12 Ounce Can

Keep your items cold and your body hydrated whether it's for a day of golfing, off roading, grocery shopping or picnicking with golf cart coolers, cup holders and beverage can insulators.

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