Golf Bag Rack 
Golf Cart Accessory for Golfers

The golf bag rack is the most important golf cart accessory for a golfer with an electric golf cart. With several to choose from, determining which rack is best for your golf cart depends on a couple of things.

removable golf bag rack 2

Golf Cart Bag Rack

A golf cart bag rack keeps your bag secure with straps that can be adjusted and tightened making your clubs easily accessible.

golf cart bag rack

The first consideration is whether your golf cart is a two seater or a 4 seater golf cart.

Two Seater Golf Cart Bag Rack

The rack on a two passenger golf cart is a more permanent golf cart accessory.

golf bag rack

It cannot be easily removed and replaced as you can see from this picture above. 

Four Seat Golf Cart Bag Rack

For those with a 4 seat golf cart or with a rear seat there are more options.

1. Facing away from or towards the rear seat

One is to have a rack that faces away from the back seat passengers and the other is a rack where the golf cart bags faces towards the passenger seat.  All of the racks hold two bags. 

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golf bag rack

2. Requires a Safety Grab Bar

The golf cart safety grab bar is sold separately from the golf bag rack.

golf cart safety grab bar

My rack can be removed from the safety bar when not in use as it can be easily lifted off the safety grab bar.

golf bag rack

However it's not a problem just to keep it on the golf cart even when you have rear seat passengers.  No installation required - just place it over the safety grab bar. 

The golf bag rack that I use can be found at Amazon here:

Golf Cart Bag Rack Kit

3. Color of the finish

My rack is made of steel and has a black finish. You can also get ones with an aluminum finish.

golf bag rack removed 23

The straps are adjustable and hold two sets of clubs and the buckles allow for a secure fit without ever getting loose.

This golf cart accessory is universal meaning it doesn't matter if it is an EZ Go, Club or Yamaha golf cart. What matters is if your cart is a two seater, four seater or if the back seat is a flip down seat. 

My golf bag rack gets lots of use, so the straps are starting to fray - the straps can easily be replaced when the time comes.  

golf bag rack for 4 seat golf cart

Another option for a golf bag attachment on a 4 seat golf cart, is to place them on the sides of a golf cart flip seat making it possible to still have 4 passengers on the cart.  This design doesn't allow for a safety grab bar in the middle. 

Golf Bag Holder Replacement Straps & Buckles

When using a golf cart bag rack, it's important to ensure that the bag is securely fastened to prevent it from shifting or falling out. 

The straps on my golf bag holder get lots of use and after years of constant tightening and loosening and exposure to rain, sun and wind, they have become frayed and need to be replaced.

golf bag rack

The good news is that you don't need to buy a whole new rack - just get new straps or buckles. Whether it's the straps or buckles/clamps you can replace them at Amazon for a small investment ...

Golf Bag Rack Strap

So get your game going with this golf cart accessory so you won't need to rent a cart the next time you play. 

Golf Cart Club Canopy

A golf cart club canopy protects your clubs in all kinds of weather without having to struggle to access them.  This easy to access canopy can be used on most Club, Yamaha and EZ Go golf Carts.

golf cart accessory for Yamaha, Club and EZ Go golf carts

Made of durable, fade, stain and mold resistant Sunbrella fabric, the DoorWorks dry club cover keeps your clubs dry in the rain and easily folds up in good weather. It works with or without an enclosure.

DryClub Canopy Sunbrella with Sunbrella Fabric

Enjoy the convenience of using your own cart for golfing and save yourself some money the next time you head out to the links by adding a golf bag rack. 

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