Yamaha Golf Cart

The Yamaha golf cart comes in many different styles and is used for lots of different functions.

Yamaha Golf Cart Models

Whether you are looking for a Yamaha electric golf cart or a used Yamaha cart, these golf carts are one of the most used and bought golf carts on the market. The main advantage to buying a golf cart made by a well known and trusted company like Yamaha, is that you can easily buy or replace golf cart accessories and parts.

Yamaha golf cart models

These electric and gas golf carts are used for:

Yamaha golf cart

1) Personal Golf Cart for Home Use 

2) Fleet golf carts for golf clubs

3) Transportation golf carts used by hotels, churches, resorts, etc.

4) Utility Golf Cart for maintenance purposes

5) Refreshment Golf Cart for selling refreshments

Manufactured right in my backyard of Newnan, Georgia, this golf cart will provide you with years of great service.

Yamaha Electric Golf Cart

yamaha golf cart accessories

Yamaha was chosen and delivered a new Golf Car Fleet to the most important golf course on the planet, St Andrews Links.

According to the press release March 2004:

Yamaha golf cart guide

"The St Andrews Links are also dedicated to the development of golf worldwide and are a leader in environmental and ecological research. It is no coincidence that St Andrews turned to Yamaha Golf Car Company for the their new Golf Car fleet. Yamaha, a name known the world over, synonymous with quality and dependability is constantly improving its community’s environment and workplace. 

The plant in Newnan, Georgia where Yamaha produces golf cars received both the ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001 Certifications for Total manufacturing excellence and environmental compliance."

Yamaha G1 Golf Cart

Yamaha golf cart accessories

Yamaha's first golf car, the G-1 was developed in 1979. The G-1 was the first two-stroke powered golf car to have an oil injection system as standard equipment. 

It was also the first model to have a solid-state electronic ignition system. The electric version of the G-1 came along one year later, in 1980. 

The G-1 has been around a long time and is well known as a reliable and durable golf car.

Custom Yamaha Golf Cart

custom Yamaha golf cart

A custom golf cart can be designed and built as a custom cart or you can purchase a regular Yamaha golf car and customize it yourself or by a dealer. 

If you are thinking of a unique body design, there are companies that make the custom made body and then simply bolt it on top of a Yamaha chassis.

You can also customize your own Yamaha golf car by purchasing custom wheels, tires, lift kits, seat covers and dash covers.

Customizing your Yamaha Golf Cart

Used Yamaha Golf Car

used yamaha golf cart

Used Yamaha carts can provide significant savings over buying a new one. When golf courses upgrade their fleet, a whole now batch of used golf carts become available. 

The dealer then refurbishes the golf carts which usually include an inspection, a good cleaning, and a comprehensive overhaul. Dealers often sell refurbished golf carts with a warranty. Find out how long the warranty is good for and what it covers.

Usually it is cheaper to buy from an individual than it is from a dealer. When buying from an individual, you are buying "as is." For a list of tips for buying a used golf cart and questions to ask the seller click here:

Used Yamaha Golf Car

Yamaha Golf Car Accessories

Yamaha golf cart accessories

A Yamaha golf car accessory can include rearview mirrors, windshields, headlight lights, and steering wheels, but it can also include things like a 6 pack cooler, a radio with a CD or MP3 player, or an overhead fan. 

Custom golf cart wheels can give your Yamaha golf cart a custom look.

Golf cart enclosures makes it possible to enjoy your golf cart in all kinds of weather.

To see what accessories are available click here: 

Yamaha Golf Car Accessories 

Yamaha Golf Cart Manuals

Yamaha golf cart manuals

The Yamaha golf cart manuals can be found on line or you can purchase a hard copy. Another option is to get a Yamaha Service Manual CD.

Click on this link to find out more about your options:

 Yamaha Golf Cart Service Manuals 

Yamaha Golf Cart Parts

yamaha golf cart parts

There are so many internet sites selling Yamaha parts, that it is no longer necessary to go to your local Yamaha dealer to buy parts. 

If you are not sure about what part you need, call the customer service number first to speak with a knowledgeable sales associate. 

You will need to know the model and year your cart was made. 

Yamaha Golf Car Parts

Yamaha Golf Cart Repair

yamaha golf cart repair

Help for your Yamaha golf cart repair questions may be as close as your telephone. 

Find out how you can be in charge of some of your repair needs and get some answers to your golf cart repair FAQ by clicking here: 

Yamaha Golf Car Repair

Yamaha Golf Car Lift Kit

Golf cart lift kits for a Yamaha come in 4", 6" & 7". The easiest way is to purchase a lift kit that is a complete kit which includes everything you need. 

Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kit

Some links in the following sections are eBay or Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product through them I receive a small commission. There is no extra cost to you. Find more details on this page.

Some kits can be purchased with the tires and wheels. The kits lift both the front & back of your golf cart. 

Most of the Yamaha lift kits are easy bolt on kits that require no heating, welding, cutting or bending. 

Yamaha Golf Cart Lift Kits

A Yamaha golf cart is a solid and popular golf cart for everyday use, golfing or off roading. 

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