Golf Cart Steering Wheels
To Customize Your Cart

Golf cart steering wheels can add a custom look to your cart and provide a more comfortable grip.  Replacing this golf cart part is quite easy and I'll take you through it step by step.

golf cart steering wheel

Since we bought our refurbished Club Car golf cart a year ago, I've been looking at upgrading the steering wheel to something more custom.  Surprisingly it was my wife who actually picked out the new one and ordered it. I must say it looks really good.

black and silver golf cart steering wheel

A steering wheel can be specific to the golf cart make and model or universal.  The ones that are universal may require an adapter kit specific to your golf cart make and model.  

golf cart steering wheel

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Some wheels come as a kit with the adapter parts included, if not that part needs to be bought separately.  Here are some features to consider:

1. Padded or not padded

2. The color of the grip

The normal colors are black, wood grain, white, red, blue and green. If you like the red aviator style like the one pictured below you can find it here at Amazon:

Aviator Red Golf Cart Steering Wheel

3. The color and number of the spokes

The number of spokes range from a simple two spoke, called a billet 2  spoke Typhoon steering wheel to 4 spokes.  Besides the number of spokes, there are lots of different styles and finishes such as brushed aluminum to stainless steel.Mostly available in black or chrome. Personally, I like the chrome best. 

golf cart steering wheel

4. Price

The basic steering wheels start can start as low as $30 and can go up to $250.

You will need to know the make, model and year of your golf cart to make your selection. Amazon has the best prices, best selection and best shipping deals.

5. Size

Wheel sizes range from 12.5" to 14" as you can see.  The larger wheel is the older one and the new wheel is 13".  The new wheel also has a thicker rim which I think providers a more comfortable grip.

Golf Cart Steering Wheels

Madjax Golf Cart Steering Wheels

Madjax golf cart steering wheel

This 13" wheel has 3 spokes and fits Club, EZGO and Yamaha golf carts and comes in  blue, black, carbon filter, chrome, red and yellow.  

blue golf cart steering wheel

Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha golf carts

10L0L Golf Cart Steering Wheel, EZGO Club Car Yamaha

Golf Cart Steering Wheel Cover

For a whole lot less money, you can purchase a steering wheel cover. The neoprene ones come in basic colors like black, dark grey or tan or in fun bright colors. 

golf cart steering wheel cover

This is good option if you want to just change the color of your wheel for a new look or if you need to cover a worn and faded existing wheel. These covers are universal meaning it will fit on almost any make or model based on the diameter of your existing wheel.  Check out your options at Amazon here:

Golf Cart Steering Wheel Covers

Steering Wheel Column Cover

Another accessory that can customize your golf cart is a steering wheel column cover or sleeve.  The time to add or replace it is when the steering wheel has been removed.

golf cart steering wheel column

The sleeve is like a big paper towel tube that slides right over the column. 

This golf cart part is specific to your make and model.  Column covers come in black plastic or a highly polished stainless steel. They run  around $30.  I decided to keep the focus on the cool new steering wheel and leave the black column sleeve as is.

Golf Cart Steering Wheel Column Covers

Replacing a Golf Cart Steering Wheel

Replacing your old steering wheel with a new one is a simple task and can be done by anyone. Here are the steps to follow:

Be Sure to Have an Adapter Kit

golf cart steering wheel upgrade

Of course you can't just buy a new steering wheel, you also need to purchase an adapter kit to attach the new wheel to the golf cart column. Some on-line stores sell the steering wheel and the adapter as a kit which provides some savings.

golf cart steering wheel

Remove the steering wheel plate/score card holder and unscrew the bolts that attach the wheel to the column.

golf cart steering wheel

With a rubber hammer tap the old golf cart steering wheel to loosen it and then remove it from the column.

golf cart steering wheel adapter

Install the adapter pieces onto the steering wheel column.

golf cart steering wheel

Align the holes from the adapter kit with the holes on the new steering wheel.

golf cart steering wheel

Tighten the bolts with a socket wrench.  Pop in the plastic cap in the indented space.

golf cart steering wheel

Upgrade your cart with a golf cart steering wheel and for an easy install purchase a kit that includes an adaptor and column cover. 

Golf Cart Steering Wheel Kit with Adaptor and Column Cover

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