Golf Cart Fan

With a golf cart fan you don't need to let the heat get you down or keep you off the golf course.  It's amazing how a nice breeze can cool you down and keep you comfortable. 

Cup Holder Golf Cart Fan

We first saw this golf cart fan at the PGA Expo in Orlando. In fact it won the Inventors Spotlight Pinnacle Award at the PGA Show in 2013. What's great about this fan is that there is no installation required, it simply sits in the cup holder of your cart. It also can be used in any golf cart make or model so you can take it with you when using a golf course golf cart or just going to the beach or pool.
golf cart fan

It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack housed in the bottom unit which will provide up to 6.5 hours of moving air and will last for 2,000 charges.  Although it doesn't oscillate, the head can be raised or lowered and the base can be rotated to any direction as it sits in the cup holder of your cart.   It is designed to fit into 5 different golf carts - so whether you own your own golf cart or use the one at the club, just take this light weight fan with you to keep you cool for 18 holes of golf.

There are two speeds.  Most people are happy with the lower speed as it moves plenty of air and it's quieter.  On the higher speed it will run for 3 3/4 hours if it is fully charged.  You will be surprised by the power from this small fan.

If you are looking for a good way to stay cool in your cart this is a great way to go: 

PGF-V Personal Go Fan for Golf Carts, Pool, or Beach

Rechargeable Golf Cart Fan

My creative golf friend, Rick, clips on a rechargeable heavy duty Ryobi fan to his golf cart top to stay cool on and off the golf course.

golf cart accessory

The fan can be adjusted in many directions to get the air flowing right where you want it.  A full charge will last for several hours and it recharges quickly.

This set includes the Ryobi Hybrid Portable Fan P3320 with Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger P16.  Buy the clamps at your local Lowes or Home Depot. 

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ Hybrid Portable Fan(P3320) with P163 Lithium-Ion Battery(2.00Ah) and Charger

Clip On Golf Cart Fan

Not as much power as the cup holder fan, but definitely less expensive.

This is an oscillating fan with 12 volts that can be used on electric and gasoline golf carts.   It's small - 6" - so some people install two fans onto their golf carts. 

Install by hooking on the two clips on to the battery under the seat of your cart. 

The 12' cord makes it easy to clip the fan wherever you want - the dashboard, top of the windshield or on the back of your cart.

It's A Breeze Fairway Golf Cart Fan

Overhead Golf Cart Fan

This 2 fan system by Buggies Unlimited provides a constant breeze for those who don't mind installing this golf cart accessory.  It moves lots of air with three speed options. 

This universal fan for all 48 volt golf carts includes mounting brackets and has adjustable louvered vents to get the air flowing just where you want it.

Buggies Unlimited 24-Volt Breezeasy 2 Fan System for All 48-Volt Golf Carts

Golf Cart Shade

The fine mesh fabric blocks the sun but not the breeze so the air can move and the golf car can stay ventilated. 

If you want cool and comfortable check out this golf cart accessory

Golf Cart Accessor To Keep you Cool and Protected from the Sun: Shade for 2 seater or 4 seater roof up to 58" Black color

Stay cool and comfortable while golfing or cruising in your golf cart with this simple golf cart accessory. 

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