Golf Cart Storage Solutions 
for Hauling Stuff

Golf cart storage baskets, nets or trunk boxes are important, make that essential, accessories for those of us who live in a golf cart community. My wife often goes grocery shopping with the golf cart, and knows all about grapefruit rolling out of the grocery bag down the hill and never to be found.

Storage Solutions

golf cart accessories for hauling

Golf cart owners often have to come up with their own storage solutions - like the laundry basket held on with bungee cords.

golf cart accessories for hauling

Or for under the seat, two plastic crates held on with bungee cords.

Cargo Caddie

ezgo golf cart accessories

The Cargo Caddie works on carts that have a rear fold down seat.  Simply fold down the seat and attach the straps to secure it.

Use the Caddie to carry groceries, plants, or soccer gear.  Just hose it off to clean it. 

This lightweight (weighs 8.5 lbs) cargo box fits perfectly on your flip down seat or on the golf cart roof.  

club car golf cart accessories

It comes with four velcro straps, so you can securely attach it to your golf cart's fold-down rear seat or the canopy.  Now you have room to bring almost anything for your day at the beach, or for camping, off - roading, hunting, shopping or doing yard work.  

The size of the cargo box is 40"x30"x9" and is made of ABS plastic. 

Golf Cart CARGO Caddie Plastic Cargo Box With Straps

Golf Cart Roof Rack

golf cart roof rack
A golf cart roof rack is easy to install with brackets specific to your golf cart make and model.

Made of heavy duty black powder coated steel construction makes it a durable solution for carrying hunting equipment or hauling yard debris. 

It measures 52"x32"x5". 

Golf Cart Roof Rack Storage System - EZGO RXV

Inner Golf Cart Basket

An inner golf cart basket provides extra storage and carrying space for our stuff. It keeps your valuables from falling out of open glove compartments. 

golf cart accessories for organizing and carrying your stuff

Made of rubberized coated heavy steel mesh, this golf cart accessory is cart specific.

Golf Cart Inner Baskets

Buggie Bag

club car accessories

This carrying solution attaches to the golf bag carrier. It is made of a heavy-duty nylon mesh. Easy to install and remove - literally just takes seconds.

This is a great bag if you want to do your grocery shopping and need space to put your purchases such as paper towels, toilet paper, or canned goods. I probably wouldn't put my eggs or fresh raspberries in there :)  It also works to haul sports equipment when taking your kids to soccer practice. 

Club Clean Buggie Bag

Golf Cart Cargo Box

If you never plan to use the golf cart for 4 passengers, then install a cargo box kit. While the flip seat is more of just a flatbed, a cargo box kit has sides that come up - like a big box.

With this golf cart accessory, you can haul plants, carry away debris or get your mulch to the other side of the yard.

Cargo box kits can be added to the back of your cart. The boxes are made out of different materials. You have a choice of

diamond plate aluminum which doesn't rust,

lightweight but durable plastic or

black powder coated steel.

golf cart cargo box

Some of them have a hinged tailgate for hauling extra long branches or equipment.

These cargo boxes can haul from 150 -300 pounds.

Cargo box kits can be specific to the make and model of your golf cart or you can purchase a universal one. Generally they run around $280.

Some boxes include bungee cord cutouts so you can strap down whatever it is your hauling. Trailer hitches and heavy duty straps are other accessories that can be useful.

EZGO Rear Cargo Box:

EZGO TXT Rear Golf Cart Cargo Box

Club Car Rear Cargo Box:

Club Car Golf Cart Cargo Box

Yamaha Golf Cart Rear Cargo Box

Yamaha Golf Cart Cargo Boxes

Golf Cart Trailer Hitch

golf car accessory

Hitch up a small trailer or wagon with this golf cart accessory.  Use it to haul stuff to the beach, to carry hunting equipment or to perform yard work.  The one pictured fits on the back of the golf cart rear seat.  It comes as a kit with a safety bar. 

Golf Cart Trailer Hitches

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