Golf Cart Mirror
Essential Golf Cart Accessory for Safety

A golf cart mirror is an important accessory for your golf cart.  This golf cart part should be on every golf cart especially if you live in a golf cart community.

golf cart mirrors

Since most of today's golf carts are electric - you can't hear them coming up from behind you - but you can see them with a rear view or a side view mirror.

golf cart mirror

You can purchase a universal mirror- meaning they will work on any golf cart model or a mirror that is specific to your model of golf cart.

Often the mirror will be a universal mirror but the brackets will be specific to your make and model.

Check to see if the mounting hardware is included in your purchase. Some of them require a trip to the hardware store for mounting brackets or screws.

One model mounts on the front roof support with an adhesive strip and affixes to the roof support.

A golf cart rear view mirror is a very inexpensive and a useful Yamaha, Club or EZGO golf cart accessory. This mirror on the right is a universal mirror that fits Club, Yamaha and EZGO golf carts.

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This accessory comes in several styles such as:

5 Panels gives you the broadest view

4 Panels 

3 Panels 

Large Single Mirror

You will need to drill a few holes to install the panel ones. 

We have the universal 5 panel golf cart mirror on our 2006 Club Car.  

How to Install 5 Panel Mirror

Single Rear View Golf Cart Mirror

This easy to install and easy to adjust rear view single mirror pivots up, down and side to side allowing you to get a great view of what is behind you. 

golf cart mirror

The universal mounting kit fits most makes of golf carts, like Club, Yamaha and EZ Go. 

An adjustable single golf cart mirror provides added safety to those who are living in a golf cart community. 

Single Large Rear View Mirror

Some drivers prefer a single large rear view mirror like the one in your car.

This one measures 16.5" wide and mounts with a metal bracket.  It fits all major golf carts makes. 

It is extra wide and has a slight curve for a panoramic rear view to monitor what's going on behind you.  It's easy to install with two self tapping screws that mount to a metal crossbar. This one is available from Amazon: 

16.5" Extra Wide Panoramic Rear View Mirror for Golf Carts Such As Ez Go, Club Car, Yamaha

Golf Cart Side Mirror

A side mirror works just like it would if you were driving a car. It's just another way to see what's going on around you.

golf cart side mirror

Our golf cart paths are also filled with people who are running, walking, biking and rollerblading. A side mirror is another way to drive safely on the paths.

Most side mirrors are universal meaning they will fit on any make, year or model golf cart. They can be mounted on the left or right side or both.  

Some kits require some drilling while others do not. 

Usually they are mounted on the roof support.

This one is of course adjustable with non-glare glass.

Golf cart side mirrors for Club Car EZ-GO Yamaha and Others

Folding Golf Cart Side Mirror

For parking in tight spaces or for just adjusting for the best view, a folding golf cart side mirror may be the one for you. 

folding golf cart side mirror
Folding Golf Cart Side Mirrors

Street Legal Requirements for Golf Cart Mirrors

The requirements for street legal golf carts vary - but most often do require side mounted mirrors on the driver and the passenger side.

These side mirrors have LED turn signal and driving lights with  markers on the mirrors.  The kit includes driver side and passenger side mirrors, mounting hardware and instruction. 

The mirrors are a universal fit and easily mounts to the front strut. DIY kit requires 12v wiring knowledge.

Universal Golf Cart Side Mirrors with LED Turn Signal Lights

Whether you prefer a single or multiple panel rearview mirror or side mirrors, you will be a safer driver when you can see what's going on behind and around you with a golf cart mirror.

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