Golf Cart Lights

Golf cart lights make it possible to use your cart at any time. Besides serving a purpose they can add style and a custom look. If your cart doesn't have any lights add them as an aftermarket golf cart accessory. They also need to be replaced periodically and it is an easy job for anyone to do.

golf cart lights

Golf cart lights doing double duty with cutouts and a light bar means there's no road too dark for this golf cart.

Golf Cart Headlights

golf cart headlights

Golf cart headlights can be purchased for different reasons.

1. Add them to a golf cart that has none

2. Replace existing incandescent lights with LED or halogen bulbs

3. Upgrade for a more custom look 

Headlights are specific to a golf cart make, model and year but that doesn't mean there is only one light kit option. Fortunately the old incandescent bulbs are being replaced by either halogen or LED lights. Here you can see how creative golf cart owners get with their lights.

golf cart lights

They can be placed in several different locations:

1. As cutouts in the front cowl

2. Attached to the front cowl

3. Placed under the front cowl

Lights come in a variety of sizes and styles. A solid bar across the bottom or choose from small or large headlights attached to the front body.

Newer carts have replaced their incandescent lights with halogen or LED lights. These bulbs last much longer and won't burn out.  Another  benefit to these golf cart lights is that they pull less current than the old lights, which means there is less drain on your battery and more distance to your ride.

Cut Out Install

Lights installed right into the body look more finished and natural.

golf cart lights

Cutting into the body is not that difficult. All cutout light kits come with a template. Measure and mark it with a dry erase marker and you can have a professional looking job.

Club car lights

People often use a Dremel with a straight drill-like cutter or a saber saw to make their cuts.

Be sure to read your install instructions completely before starting your project so you don't accidently blow your bulbs - because if you do, the warranty is void.

Attached to the Front Cowl

golf cart lights

If you don't want to cut into your golf cart, you can attach lights to the front cowl. They may not look as great, but hey - they work and there are some people who prefer this look.

Most of the newer headlights now use LED bulbs - much brighter and they last longer. You can save some money by getting a golf cart light kit that includes the front and tail lights. 

Golf Cart Light Kits

Light Bar Headlight

golf cart lights

The light bar option makes for an easy install. No need to cut the front cowl - just place the lights under it.

The bar light kit is available for EZ GO TXT models and the Club Car Precedent.

golf cart lights

In addition some owners like to place a light bar on the roof of the golf cart for additional illumination. 

YITAMOTOR 24 Inch Light Bar Waterproof Dual Row LED Light with Wiring Harness, 120W - 10,800 Lumens

Add 4" LED fog lights to the front of your brush guard to increase your lighting and "cool factor." With adjustable mounting accessories, the work light can adjust to about 90 degrees, which makes changing direction of the light beam easier.

golf cart accessory for lighting
LED Light Bar YITAMOTOR 2PCS 18W 4inch Flood LED Light Pod Off Road Fog Light Waterproof ATV 4WD Golf Cart 12V 24V,

Universal Headlights

golf cart lights

There are universal headlights that will work on any golf cart. They are installed below the front cowl like this one pictured but they can also come as a bar light.  A lot of people find this golf cart light kit easy to install and use. It comes with a bar head and tail LED kit and and an on/off switch. There is no need to cut any holes with this kit.

These are extremely bright but still draw only 4.46 watts. The plug-in design makes installation easy but the company provides a video instruction at

TecScan Golf Cart LED Light Kit LiTESeasy Standard W/Built-in Meter

It can be used on both a gas or electric cart. You will also need a voltage reducer if you have an electric cart so you don't draw power right from the batteries.

Golf Cart Voltage Reducers

Drill 4 holes for the bolts and another for the switch - it should take about 45" to install. A wiring harness and zip ties come with the kit. This is a really economical and easy way to get front and rear lights on your cart:

Club Car Headlights

One of my favorite Club Car accessories on our 2006 refurbished golf cart is the headlights. I noticed a difference right away. The new LED  bulbs are so much brighter than my old incandescent lights and will last much longer too.

club car lights

Our golf cart headlights get used frequently since we live in a golf cart community and use our cart in the evenings to grocery shop, go out to dinner or stop by a friend's house.

It's no surprise that they need to be replaced periodically. Depending on the make and model of your golf cart and the type of headlights you have, you may have to replace the whole headlight instead of just the bulb.

Golf cart lights can be purchased as a kit that includes the headlights and the brake lights. The model of your Club Car will determine which kit to get:

For a DS Club Car check out this kit from Amazon:


For a Club Car Precedent many golf cart owners change out the halogen bulbs which takes lots of battery power to LED lights.

Club Car lights

You can buy just the plug in light bar to change out the halogen to LED. Unplug your halogen light bar and plug in this LED bar and get a brighter headlight and less battery drain.

Club Car Precedent LED Headlight Bar 2004-2016 Bright LED's! Change Out Your Halogen Light!

Or if you need the whole kit that includes one LED light bar, 2 LED taillights, wiring with the push/pull switch and bucket harness for 2008.5 and newer electric Club Precedent carts get this one:

Club car lights
RecPro Club Car Precedent Electric Golf Cart ALL LED Light Kit w Bucket Harness 08.5-UP

EZ GO Headlights

To replace or add EZ Go golf cart lights to your cart you need to know the year and model of your golf cart.

EZ-Go golf cart lights

For an EZ Go RXV light kit:


For E-Z-GO G&E 1994-up Medalist/TXT Light Bar Kit

EZGO TXT Golf Cart LED Light Bar & Taillight Kit for EZGO TXT Golf Cart 1994-2013

EZGO Golf Cart Light Bar

Golf cart light bar kit for EZGO TXT - offers everything you need to drive at night - headlight bar & taillights, wiring harness and an on/off switch

ezgo golf cart accessories
AW Golf Cart LED Light Kit for EZGO TXT Golf Carts

Yamaha Golf Cart Lights

Yamaha golf cart lights

A basic light kit for a Yamaha golf cart includes 2 halogen headlights and 2 taillights that are pre-mounted in black plastic bezels, plus 1 wiring harness and 1 on/off switch.

The recessed style looks like it just came from the factory.

Carts with 8-volt batteries require a voltage reducer. 

Yamaha Golf Cart Light Kits

Universal Underbody Lights

This underglow light kit for golf carts is a fun way to light up your cart at night.

The kit provides water resistant flexible tubes that include 108 Ultra Bright, Wide Angle LEDs. There are a variety of different light settings.

The kit can only be powered by a 12 volt system, and with the included self-tapping screws and zip ties, installation is a breeze.

There is an instruction video on the LED Glow website. Become the coolest golf cart in the neighborhood - everyone will ask you where you got these lights!

LEDGlow 4pc. Million Color LED Golf Cart Underbody Underglow Light Kit - Water Resistant Flexible Tubes - Includes Wireless Remote

Turn Signal Switch with Horn

When purchasing golf cart light kits you can buy a kit that includes front and rear lights or an upgraded kit that includes a turn signal and horn. The kits are specific to your golf cart make and model. 

You can check out the golf cart light kits with turn signal at Amazon here:

Golf Cart Light Kits with Turn Signal and Horn

Precautions When Installing Golf Cart Lights

Precautions When Installing Golf Cart Lights

Turn your golf cart to the OFF position before beginning a light install.

Precautions When Installing Golf Cart Lights

Put your cart in TOW position when installing golf cart lights.

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