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Golf Cart Safety and Seat Belts
February 07, 2022

Golf Cart Safety and Seat Belts

Did you know that the most common and often most serious golf cart injuries happen when a passenger is thrown from a golf cart because of a sudden or sharp turn, a quick full speed start or slamming on the brakes?

Front and rear passengers who are not seat belted in can be ejected due to sudden quick movement leading to head injuries and even death.

We discovered how quickly a golf cart accident can happen when a close friend of ours was ejected as a front seat passenger because the driver made a quick turn to avoid an oncoming car in a parking lot. Our friend was taken by ambulance to a trauma centered where she was treated for a concussion and subsequently has had to have surgery for her facial injuries.

By driving cautiously and installing seat belts, you can minimize the potential for a golf cart accident.

Feel secure knowing that your little ones and loved ones are safe with this simple to install golf cart accessory.

Protect Your Passengers with Golf Cart Seat Belts

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