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What Affects Golf Cart Battery Water Levels?
June 20, 2023

What Affects Golf Cart Battery Water Levels?

A recent encounter with a friend, whose name I will not mention, asked me to check the water levels of her golf cart batteries. I wasn't able to get back to her for a couple of days, but she wasn't concerned because she said she hadn't used her golf cart very much in the last couple of months. When I was able to open up the batteries and check, none of the cells had water covering the plates. She was a victim of a major misconception ...

The number one rule for golf cart battery maintenance is to never let your water level go below the top of the plates.

Heat and Age of Golf Cart Batteries

While it is true that the more you use your golf cart the more frequently you need to check water levels, it's also true that there are other considerations that affect how frequently you should open up your battery cells. More frequent monitoring is also required in hot temperatures and with batteries that are older.

I find that new and "old" golf cart owners often don't understand that this easy to do maintenance on their golf cart can save them hundreds of dollars. Batteries that are left "under-watered" have a shorter life-span and need to be replaced sooner than those that are kept at the optimal water level.

Get my top tips on how and when to water your electric golf cart batteries.

How to Maintain Adequate Water Levels to Protect Your Electric Golf Cart Batteries

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