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Watering Your Batteries - The Three Most Common Mistakes
June 05, 2016

Watering Your Batteries - The Three Most Common Mistakes

Summertime means more maintenance and monitoring of your electric golf cart battery water levels. Watering your golf cart batteries is easy to do if .... you are aware of the 3 most common mistakes made by golf cart owners. They are:

1. Not checking regularly the water levels and leaving the plates exposed

2. Putting in too much water or adding water when the batteries are discharged

3. Not using distilled water

Overwatering Your Batteries

When watering do not fill water all the way up to the cap. You want to add just enough water to cover the plates. Check each cell - not just one or two. Over watering harms the battery by depleting the electrolyte for the proper mixture/balance of acid and water. With a weakened mixture the battery will not give the best performance.

Over watering often happens when a person adds water after the golf cart has been used for a game of golf or lots of errands and the batteries are discharged.

Even though it appears that the right amount of water has been added, when a golf cart charges there is a phase called gassing. It actually causes the water/acid mixture to bubble.

This bubbling causes spills when the batteries are over watered. Spills are corrosive and acid will end up on your battery rack, the golf cart frame, and the floor of your garage.

TIP: Charge your electric golf cart batteries first then water.

For more tips on watering your deep cycle batteries go to:

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Bill Degner

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