Club Car Battery Charger

My Club Car battery charger has performed reliably for the last 15 years.

Golf Cart Charger

A Club Car battery charger usually comes with your electric Club Car golf cart. They come in 12V, 20V or 25V. A golf cart battery charger is specific to the make and year of the golf cart.

Today's deep cycle battery charger prevents problems of overcharging or undercharging provided you let the charger shut off by itself.

club car battery charger

According the Club Car manual, "All cells are automatically given an equalization charge at low current for 2-3 hours, which prolongs battery life."

Besides shortening the life of your batteries, did you know that when batteries are left without any charge, the internal components are affected as well? That's what the Club Car manual says.

How do you know it is time to change your battery charger? You can bring it in to your local golf cart shop to have the battery charger tested. Often if the charger is giving you some problems it can be repaired rather than be replaced.

First test your batteries with a volt meter to be sure that all of your batteries are good.

If the batteries are fine, but the meter on your cart is not showing a full charge after being charged, then it's time to look at a new golf cart battery charger.

Golf Cart battery chargers are made for either a 36 volt battery or a 48 volt. A 36 volt golf cart has six 6 volt batteries, and a 48 volt vehicle has six 8 volt batteries.

Charger Doesn't Turn Off

This has occasionally happened to me - and there's been good reason for that. The Club Car manual gives these reasons:

club car battery charger

1. New Batteries

2. Hard Use - 36 holes per day - that would be me

3. Cold Temperatures

4. Short Charging Times - in late at night and out early in the AM - yup - have done that too

Be sure to always charge your electric Club Car golf cart in a well ventilated area.

Electric Golf Cart Battery Guide

electric golf cart battery guide

It is possible to extend the life of your golf cart batteries by following a good battery maintenance program.

I purchased this electric golf cart battery guide and have referred to it many times.

If you need help understanding deep cycle batteries, how they work and how to maintain them so that they last a long time get yours here:

Golf Cart Battery Guide

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