Golf Cart Maintenance

Regularly scheduled golf cart maintenance can prevent many unscheduled golf cart repairs.

Golf Cart Care

If you have just purchased a new or used golf cart, you may be wondering what kind of golf cart care is needed to keep your golf cart running optimally.

The good news is that the care that is needed to maintain a golf cart is really quite easy. Here I'll cover just a couple of them.

Your golf cart service manual is a good source of information that provides a very detailed list of a periodic service manual.

Golf Cart Tow/Run Switch

golf cart maintenance

Later models of golf carts often have a Tow/Run switch that is located under the seat. Set the switch to Tow anytime you perform any maintenance on your golf cart including working on the batteries.

This switch is also used anytime the golf cart needs to be towed. The golf cart can roll freely in this position which helps to protect internal components like the electric motor and controller.

Golf Cart Service Manual

club car service manual

If you own a golf cart, I'd recommend that you purchase or download a golf cart service manual based on the make, year and model of your golf cart.

In the manual you will find detailed information on how to service and repair your golf cart.

An owner's manual can be downloaded for free if you own an EZ Go golf cart or a Yamaha golf cart. But if you are looking for golf cart repair manuals, you will need to purchase them.

To learn more about how to obtain golf cart repair manuals or a golf cart service manual click here: Golf Cart Repair Manuals

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

golf cart battery maintenance

Golf cart battery maintenance requires checking your batteries for water and keeping the terminals and posts clean of debris.

There are several safety precautions before checking your batteries. According to the Club Car Service manual:

"1. Always wear a full face shield when working around batteries, because of the danger of an exploding battery

2. Batteries contain explosive gases - Keep sparks, flames, cigarettes away. Tools, wires and metal object cause sparks when "shorted" across a battery

3. When wires are disconnected be sure to keep them away from battery posts and other wires

4. Ventilate when charging or using in an enclosed space to prevent explosive gas build up"

To learn more about golf cart battery maintenance click here: Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

Prevent Golf Cart Battery Corrosion

golf cart battery corrosion

Thanks to these simple golf cart battery covers, corrosion can be prevented from developing on my batteries and battery cables.

Find out how these covers work, where to get them and if you should consider getting a set for your golf cart.

Prevent Golf Cart Battery Corrosion

Golf Cart Tires

You can optimize the life of your golf cart tires by maintaining the proper air pressure. Overinflated tires will wear faster and uneven.

Tire pressure is important for not only the safety of your cart but also for the life of your tire and for the quality of your ride.

You will find the recommended Tire Pressure, or psi (pounds per square inch), on the tire’s sidewall.

To learn more click here:

Golf Cart Tire

Golf Cart Lubrication Schedule

For fun evening reading, I was going over my Club Car service manual and found that I should be following a periodic lubrication schedule. I knew it had been a long time, since this had been done, so I started with the front suspension.

Check your golf cart manual for specific recommendations for your golf cart. The Club Car manual recommends that the front suspension be lubricated quarterly.

Here's a video of me doing this maintenance on my Club Car golf cart:

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