Used Golf Cart

I have always bought a used golf cart - never a new one. One can experience some significant savings buying a cart a couple of years old - if you know what to look for.

Used Electric Golf Cart

Often a used electric golf cart can be half of what you would pay for a new golf cart.

A cart that has been used can typically run around $2000 to $3,000. A new golf cart runs around $6,000 - so you can see that buying used can save you a lot of money.

I bought my golf cart used 14 years ago and it has served me very well all these years.

When golf courses upgrade their fleet, a whole now batch of used carts become available, so it is not difficult to find a used electric one.

The dealer then refurbishes the golf carts which usually include an inspection, a good cleaning, and a comprehensive overhaul. Dealers often sell refurbished golf carts with a warranty. Find out how long the warranty is good for and what it covers.

Often it is cheaper to buy from an individual than it is from a dealer. However, when buying from an individual, you are buying "as is." To learn more about what to look for in a used electric golf car and questions to ask the seller click here:

Used Electric Golf Cart

Refurbished Golf Carts

Refurbished golf carts are a great value if you are in the market to buy or replace your existing golf cart.

refurbished golf carts

It's like getting a new golf cart without having to pay for a new golf cart.

Many of our local dealers put in new batteries, tops, lights and windshields, and one dealer always puts on a new molded body.

While used golf carts from private parties are purchased "as is," reconditioned golf carts often come with a one year warranty. AFter looking at lots of used electric golf carts, I decided to go with a refurbished one, here's why:

Learn more: Refurbished Golf Carts

Used Gas Power Golf Cart

Because almost all new golf cars purchased by country clubs are electric, they are the biggest source of used carts. It is more difficult to find a used gas golf cart. However, the internet is a great source for finding one.

Of course, you want to find a cart that will be a good value, is reliable and in good condition. The best (and I think only way) is to see it, check it out thoroughly and take it for a test drive. In that case limit your search on the internet to sellers in your area. Here are some good questions to ask the seller:

How old is the cart

How was it used - how often

What parts of been replaced or repaired

What kind of maintenance was provided and how often

What accessories are included? Golf cart cover, enclosure, radio, heater, etc.

If the seller is a dealer, ask if there is a warranty and how long is it good for

After a thorough inspection and a satisfactory test drive (include a ride up a hill with an extra passenger or two) don't be afraid to consider a used golf cart.

Used Gas Power Golf Cart

Used Golf Carts for Sale

used golf cart prices

Where should you look for used golf carts for sale?

I looked at many used golf carts over a period of several months - even though I thought I wanted a Club Car I checked out lots of Yamaha and EZ Go carts as well before finally deciding on my 2006 Club Car.

There are sites to visit on line, but you also need to find out where you can go to physically see them and test drive them.

Here are the places I looked and how it worked for me: Used Golf Cars for Sale

Used Golf Car Values

used golf cart values

Determining used golf car values is important when you are trying to sell a used cart or if you are in the market to buy a used cart.

Either way here are some tips and suggestions to make sure you sell your cart for the best price and buy your used cart to get the best value.

Used Golf Cart Values

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