Golf Cart Troubleshooting

Golf cart troubleshooting can rescue a stranded golf cart and can often save you a lot of money. If you are the type that likes to figure things out yourself, then I suggest you have a copy of your golf cart repair manual handy. Always follow the instructions of the manual.

Be sure to wear eye protection or goggles anytime you are working with your batteries - they are filled with acid.

You want to start with the easiest and most obvious problem spots first.

1. Charging Deep Cycle Batteries

Make sure batteries are fully charged. Sometimes deep cycle batteries can be discharged so much that they won't take a charge. This can happen if the cart has sat for weeks or months without any charging.

In this case you will need to charge your 6 volt batteries with a 12 volt battery charger. There's a great You Tube Video on this. Go to You Tube and type in golf cart batteries.

If the batteries will not take any charge then it's time to replace the dead batteries.

Check the water levels in the batteries

Replace with distilled water - but do not overfill them.

2. Golf Cart Battery Corrosion

Check the terminals, posts and cables for golf cart battery corrosion.

My son-in-law's golf cart recently died on him. The batteries were showing a full charge. So the next place I checked was his batteries. Here is what they looked like.

The terminals, posts and cables were thick with corrosion and some of the nuts had been eaten away.

I cleaned up the corrosion on the battery cables and the posts by using a wire brush and a solution of baking powder and water.

Guess what? After a little bit of clean up, the cart started right up and ran great.

(Mike, I hope you are reading this, because next time, you are on your own :)

Electric Golf Cart Repair

Electric golf cart repair is where I have had my experience since I have owned, regularly used and repaired my electric golf cart since 1995. Some of the more common repair questions usually involve the batteries, golf cart battery wiring, cleaning up corrosion, the starter and the solenoids.

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