Lifted Golf Cart

A lifted golf cart gives your golf cart the clearance it needs for off roading or a custom look that sets it apart from other golf carts..

custom lifted golf cart

You can create your own custom lifted golf car - all you need is time and money. There are plenty of lifted carts in Peachtree City - there are especially  a ton of them in the high school parking lot. 

The only problem with driving a lifted cart here in this golf cart community is getting clearance under the tunnels. There are lots of tunnels on our golf cart paths that take us under busy roads, and these tunnels just aren't tall enough for some of the lifted carts. 

If you are wanting a golf cart to go off roading or to use on rough terrain, a lifted cart will give you the clearance you need. Depending on what kit you get, you can get 4-8 inches of better clearance compared to a stock golf cart.

When purchasing your kit you will need to know the make, model and year of your golf cart.

What Size Golf Cart Lift Kit?

golf cart lift kit

There are different sizes of lift kits. They range from 3" to 8." The size of the lift kit will be determined by the size of the off road tire you want to use.

Large wheels and tires make the cart go faster. The wider tires give the lifted golf cart more stability.

For those who golf, it's good to be aware that you can't us lifted golf carts on golf courses.

Offset wheels are needed on golf carts with a lift kit. Ordinary golf cart tires will hit the frame.  These kits are specific to your golf cart model, make and year.

club car lift kit
EZGO TXT 5" Drop Axle Golf Cart Lift Kit ( Fits 2001.5-Up)

Club Car DS - 6" Spindle Lift Kit 2004.5-Up

Yamaha G8, G14, G16, G19 6" "RHOX" A-Arm Lift Kit Golf Cart

Lift Kit with Wheels and Tires

There is substantial savings if you buy a kit that includes the golf cart wheels and tires. Lifted carts are used usually for the purpose of taking it off-road for hunting or just for fun. 

Instead of smooth pavement, the cart that will be used on rough, uneven, rocky, muddy and wet terrain requires a tire with a deeper tread. Also specific wheels are necessary to get the maximum lift desired. 

If you want some tougher looking tread and some cool stainless steel wheels then check out this kit available at Amazon for EZGO TXT/Medalist between the years 2001.5 - 2013 (has 4 bolt steering):

EZGO TXT Electric Golf Cart 2001-Newer 6" Lift Kit + 12" Wheels and 23" All Terrain Tires (4)

The make, model and year of your golf cart determines which lift kit you purchase. While most people associate these kits with all terrain, off-roading, they are a popular look for any use of your golf cart. 

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