6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

Our Club Car uses 6 volt golf cart batteries, providing our golf cart with plenty of power and longevity.

6V Golf Cart Batteries

6 volt golf cart batteries

Our 1987 Club Car golfcart has a battery pack of six.

This means that the combined voltage from each of the 6V golf cart batteries makes up the total golf cart voltage - which gives me a total golf cart voltage of 36. How do you know if your batteries are 6, 8 or 12 volts?

By looking at the cell holes. There are two volts per hole. As you can see from this picture, there are 3 white holes where water is added. The three holes mean that it is a 6 volt battery.

The power and longevity of the 6 volt battery has served us well these 15 years.

Playing 36 holes of golf on one charge is no problem. Or using it to get across town. The total golf cart voltage of 36 provides plenty of power for going uphills and a long enough charge to get us any where we need to go.

Of course it is important that the cart is fully charged and that the batteries are receiving regular golf cart battery maintenance.

6 Volt Golf Cart Battery

6 volt golf cart batteries

If you are needing to replace your golf cart 6 volt batteries, you need to replace all of them.

If you replace just one 6 volt golf cart battery the weaker batteries will drain the new battery. So instead of saving you money, it will actually cost you more because you've greatly shortened the life of the new battery.

Buy your batteries for your golf cart from a local dealer. I just checked on line to see if the prices for batteries were competitive.

The average local price for a 6v golf cart battery was around $85 per battery, but on line they were anywhere from $150 - $200 per battery.

You will know when it is time to replace your batteries by the charge. When the charge doesn't last as long as it did before, it's time to start shopping around.

Prices in Peachtree City ranged from $480 to $616 for six 6v golf cart batteries. Installation costs ranged from $20 - $65.

Trojan Golf Cart Batteries

trojan golf cart battery

Five out of the 6 golf cart dealers in our golfing community use the Trojan batteries. They all stated that they performed better and lasted longer than the Exide golf cart batteries.

I was told by one dealer that if the Trojan golf cart batteries are well maintained using only distilled water, you may see them last 6-8 years.

But another dealer said you can expect a 4-5 year battery life with Trojan.

Exide Golf Cart Battery

exide golf cart battery

One golf cart dealer who uses only Exide golf cart batteries says his customers have been happy with Exide and that they have a better warranty than Trojan batteries.

We have the Exide batteries in our golf cart and have had them for 3 years.

They are still working fine and keep a good charge. The performance and longevity of your deep cycle batteries depend more on maintenance, proper charging and a good water maintenance program.

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

The secret to long lasting golf cart batteries, is to provide regular golf cart battery maintenance.

Especially during the long, hot summers in Georgia.

I get a golf cart battery maintenance kit from Buggies Unlimited that includes a battery hydrometer, a watering bottle, a battery terminal cleaner, and a battery terminal protector.

Buying these four items together in a kit saves you more than 28% over buying them separately.

Golf Cart Battery Kit

1) Check the water level of the batteries.

golf cart battery

The leaded plates in the battery must be submerged in order for it to work properly. If you use it several times during the week, especially in hot weather, check the water level once a week. Wear gloves and goggles.

2) Use distilled water to fill the batteries

3) Do not overfill the batteries

Your owner's manual will tell you how full the cells should be for your golf cart model.

4) Inspect the cables and hook ups for corrosion

5) Tighten any loose connections and/or battery caps

If you'd like your own detailed guide to maintaining your golf cart batteries this is the one I use:

Golf Cart Battery Guide

6V Golf Cart Battery Charger

club car battery charger

The type of golf cart charger depends on the total number of volts of your battery pack. We have six 6 volt golf cart batteries, so we have a 36 volt battery charger.

Many people recommend that you charge the batteries after every use. Battery chargers are fully automated which means that they automatically shut off when the charge is full so there is no danger of overcharging.

Since we use our golf cart so frequently, we usually charge our Club car golf cart when we return from every errand or use.

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