Discount Golf Cart Batteries

Should you consider discount golf cart batteries when it comes time to replace your deep cycle batteries?.

Cheap Batteries for Golf Cart

Well, I did .... after 15 years of owning a golf cart, I replaced my Exide golf cart batteries with cheaper golf cart batteries from Napa. I was in the store buying something else when I saw this special - six 6 volt golf cart batteries for $425. (Actually, this price is if you turn in your old batteries, which I did.)

I found my old receipt and discovered that my Exide batteries were almost 5 years old. That would explain why they weren't holding a charge very well. So it was time to replace them.


Off Brand Batteries for Electric Golf Carts

There are a couple of reasons why a person may consider an off-brand battery or rather I should say there are a couple of people who may consider buying a cheaper deep cycle battery.

discount golf cart batteries

1. People who charge their deep cycle batteries correctly and consistently

2. People who regularly check and maintain the correct water level or electrolyte level in their batteries

3. People who regularly check and clean battery cables and terminals for corrosion

4. People who are only going to be keeping their golf cart for 3 years or less

Name Brand Golf Cart Batteries

Five years ago I paid $460 for six Exide batteries. Before I decided to go back to Napa I thought I'd check around and see what a new set of Exide golf cart batteries would cost. They ranged in price from $489 - $540 uninstalled. Most places charged $60-$70 to install them.

For a savings of $70 is it worth it to go with the discounted batteries? Can I report back to you in five years?

Electric Golf Cart Battery Guide

A set of electric golf cart batteries is a big investment that needs to be protected - whether you get discount batteries or the more expensive Exide golf cart batteries.

Maintaining your batteries with a regular watering program as well as keeping them free of corrosion will extend the life of the batteries.

I purchased this electric golf cart battery guide and have referred to it many times.

If you need help understanding deep cycle batteries, how they work and how to maintain them so that they last a long time get yours here:

Golf Cart Battery Guide

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