Golf Cart Repair FAQ

Golf cart repair FAQ can pertain to many different components of the golf cart - golf cart batteries, solenoids, starter, battery charger, etc.

Whether you need electric golf cart repair or have trouble with your golf cart gas engine, repairs are just part of normal maintenance with golf carts.

Electric Golf Cart Repair - Won't Start

Here we will discuss golf cart repair FAQ for the electric cart that won't start and how to troubleshoot.

Electric golf cart repair and troubleshooting is going to be different from a gas powered golf cart.

Check first for a clicking noise when you have the key switch on and depress the accelerator.

If you don't hear a noise it is time to check:

1. Electric Golf Cart Batteries

There are several aspects of the battery to check if your golf cart won't start.

The obvious one is to be sure the batteries are fully charged. Charging a deep cycle battery that has been completely discharged or completely used, is not that simple. Understanding golf cart batteries will help extend the life and reliability of your batteries.

Also check the water level in the batteries. A friend of mine who is new to Peachtree City was driving her golf cart daily to work, only to have it die on her one day. The main reason? No water in the batteries. So be sure the water levels are good.

Inspecting the golf cart battery wiring for loose connections, dirt or corrosion. My daughter's cart completely stopped while she was driving it this winter - the reason? The terminals and posts were covered with corrosion. Some of the golf cart battery cables were melted to the post.

So I cleaned the worst battery terminals and cables with some sandpaper and a wire brush. Reconnected them and "voila" the cart started right up again.

For more specifics on golf cart battery information, charging deep cycle batteries and golf cart battery maintenance click here: Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

2. The Key Switch

Do to regular and heavy use the key switch is a common mechanism that can just wear out. Sometimes it really isn't the key switch - so before we go there, just be sure that you have the transmission selector fully positioned in forward (or reverse) and not partially in between.

Check the key switch for loose wires or a broken switch.

3. Golf Cart Solenoid

Check the golf cart solenoid for loose wires, a failed coil or a failed solenoid diode. This is a common cause for electric golf carts not starting.

Battery current gets to the motor via the solenoids. You can hear the solenoids clicking on every time you press down the gas pedal.

4. Golf Cart Controller

Golf cart controllers can go bad and cause lots of strange problems. They are trickier to troubleshoot and require help from your golf cart repair manual. They are expensive to replace.

Golf Cart Repairs for Intermittent Problems

This was my most recent experience. The cart sometimes wouldn't start or while the accelerator was depressed most of the way, the cart would die. My father-in-law didn't think this was funny, when the cart died in the middle of the road.

If it didn't start at the first go, I would just jiggle the forward and reverse switch and off I'd go.

After some trouble shooting, I discovered it was my solenoid that simply needed to be replaced. Found a used one from a friend, replaced the old one and now it is working like new again.

Golf Cart Repair Manuals

You will find your golf cart repair FAQ for your cart in your manufacturer's golf golf repair manuals. For a do-it-yourself person, these are invaluable.

If you own a Yamaha or an EZ Go you can download the golf cart manuals for free or buy one if you have a Club Car or other models. Click here for the links to golf cart repair manuals: Golf Cart Repair Manuals

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