Street Legal Golf Carts

street legal golf carts

Street legal golf carts belong to a class of an electric vehicle designated by the Federal Government as a 'Street Legal' vehicle. They are also called Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV).

The main difference between a regular golf cart and a NEV is that they are safer, go faster and usually seat four people.

There are several state requirements for a street legal golf cart. They are:

1. Must not be capable of going more than 25 mph

2. Must not seat more than 4 people

street legal golf carts seat belts

3. Must not weight more then two thousand and two hundred pounds

4. Must be equipped with headlights, turn signals, rear turn lights, tail lights and stop lights

5. Must be equipped with reflex reflectors, exterior mirrors, and an interior mirror.

6. Must come with brakes, horn, a windshield, windshield wiper, and a vehicle identification number or VIN.

street legal golf carts lights

7. Must have seat belts for each passenger

Most manufacturers make this so it can be used in a Golf Mode (15 mph top speed) or Street Mode (25 mph max). This is a list of the basic law requirements. You must check with your state to determine what is legal for your area. Don't use this list to make your decision if a vehicle is street legal.

The three most common LEV vehicles that are seen in our golf cart community are Club and EZ GO golf carts and Global Electric Motor Cars (GEM). The city of Peachtree City requires that all golf carts be registered within 10 days of purchase.

If you plan on just using the golf cart paths in Peachtree City, then there is no need to spend the extra money on a street legal cart.

Peachtree City, Georgia

peachtree city, georgia

In Peachtree City, Georgia all LSMVs must be registered with the Fayette County Tag Office.

All vehicles must be insured per state law.

Only those with a valid driver's license may operate the vehicle.

To use the paths, the LSMV must have a setting that does not allow the vehicle to exceed 20 mph.

No LSMV can be used on any street with a posted speed limit that exceeds 35 miles per hour.

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