Club Car DS Accessories

Club Car DS accessories provide a way to give your Club Car an upgraded and custom look and a better ride. 

Club Car DS accessories

From brush guards to baskets to custom wheels and tires your Club Car DS can offer you more function and performance with these golf cart accessories. 

Club Car DS accessories

Club Car DS Brush Guard

See how the Club Car DS brush guard wraps around the front cowl?  It provides a layer of protection to your front cowl while giving your cart a rugged look. 

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Club Car DS brush guard
Club Car DS brush guard

Choose from a variety of finishes and start protecting your Club Car DS with a golf cart brush guard. 

Club Car DS Golf Cart Brush Guards

Club Car DS Fender Flares

Golf cart fender flares provide protection to your paint finish from thrown up gravel, sand and debris. 

Club Car DS fender flares

Combined with a brush guard your cart takes on a rugged, sporty look. 

Club Car DS Fender Flares

Club Car DS Seat Covers

Club Car DS seat covers can be easily stapled over your old seats to give your cart a fresh new look.

Club Car DS seat covers

As you can see from this picture this is an older DS model with a split back to the front seat while the newer DS models have a single back.

Some people like to use heat gun to help stretch the vinyl material and to help loosen the leather to make sure you can get a nice tight fit.

Club Car DS Seat Covers

Club Car DS Back Seat

Add or replace a Club Car DS back seat.

Club Car DS back seat

Buff, tan or black are the three most common seat colors.  Look for the thickness of the bottom seat foam and check that the color of the struts and metal match your existing Club DS struts. 

Club Car DS Back Seats

Club Car DS Steering Wheel

Customize with a burled wood, carbon fiber or colored Club Car DS steering wheel. 

Club Car DS steering wheel

Comfortable steering, easy to install, this golf cart accessory will provide a nice upgrade to your ride.

Club Car DS steering wheel

Don't forget to add an adapter as some kits don't include them. 

10L0L Golf Cart Steering Wheel

Club Car DS Floor Mat

Keep your floor clean and protected with a golf cart floor mat. 

Club Car DS accessories

Simply hose it off after your round of golf or off-roading adventure. 

Club Car DS Golf Cart Floor Mat W/Color Options- Fits Club Car DS (1982-2013) and Villager Models

Club Car DS Cover

A Club Car DS Cover allows you to use your golf cart more months out of the year and simply when it's rainy, cold or windy. 

Club Car DS Cover

Stay protected and warm with a universal or custom golf cart enclosure. 

Club Car DS Cover

The size of your enclosure is determined by the length of the golf cart top, not by the make or model of your golf cart. 

4 Passenger Extended Top Enclosure

Golf Cart Cover Enclosure - Extended Roof Drivable 4-Sided Cart Cover w/ 80” x 48" Standard Fit – Fits EZGO Golf Cart Cover ,Yamaha Drive, Club Car Precedent (Tan)

2 Passenger Short Roof Enclosure

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Deluxe Enclosure

Club Car DS Lift Kit

Do you want some clearance on your Club Car? Do you like the sporty look of a lifted cart? 

Club Car DS lift kit

Then add a Club Car DS lift kit.   A lift kit works great for those who want some extra height and some larger tires and wheels.  Lift kits come in various lift heights, typically ranging from 3 inches to 6 inches or more. The lift height determines how much higher the golf cart's chassis will be raised above its original height. Be sure to consider the desired tire size when selecting your lift kit. 

Club Car DS lift kit

There are generally two types of lift kits for golf carts: spindle lifts and A-arm lifts. Spindle lifts are easier to install and more cost-effective, while A-arm lifts provide better suspension articulation and smoother rides. The choice between the two depends on personal preference and how you plan to use your cart.

A Club Car DS lift kit is specific to the year and model of your golf cart. 

Be sure to know what year your golf cart was manufactured. 

RHOX Club Car DS Golf Cart Lift Kit - Heavy Duty 6" A-Arm Lift 2003.5-2009

Club Car DS Light Kit

An upgraded Club Car DS light kit provided just the light needed for night time driving. 

Club Car DS lights
Club Car DS light kit

Golf cart lights can be purchased as a kit that includes the headlights and the brake lights.


An easy to install golf cart light bar can be added to carts that do or do not have any headlights. 

Club Car DS lights

Attach it to your front cowl for additional lighting. 

Universal Golf Cart Light Bars

Club Car DS Dash

Lock up your valuables and keep your items from falling out of open compartments. 

Club Car DS dash

A custom Club Car Dash provides extra beverage holders and locked compartments. 

Club Car DS dash

Choose from carbon fiber to wood grain to find the one that best customizes your golf cart.

Club Car DS Dash Options

Club Car DS Windshield

Replace your Club Car DS windshield when it develops a crack or becomes hazy. 

Club Car DS windshield

You can choose to go with a clear acrylic or upgrade to a Club Car DS tinted windshield. 

Club Car DS Windshields

Club Car DS Body Wraps

Club Car DS body wraps allow you to individualize your cart to reflect your style.

golf cart ds body wraps

From Stars and Stripes to camo, with the help of a friend, you can turn your cart into one of a kind. 

Golf Cart Graphics

Club Car DS Accessories for Golfers

A removable golf bag rack is one of my favorite Club Car DS accessories. 

golf cart bag rack

The rack can be removed from the safety bar when not in use as it can be easily lifted off the safety grab bar. 

Golf Cart Bag Rack Kit

Club Car DS Basket

Give yourself some extra hauling space with an exterior or an interior Club Car DS basket. 

Club Car DS accessories

High Gloss black powder coating provides a long lasting high quality look.  Mounting brackets and all necessary mounting hardware are usually included with your purchase.

Club Car DS front basket
Club Car DS Storage Baskets

Club Car DS Hub Caps

Golf cart wheel covers provide the look of a custom golf cart wheel without the cost. 

Club Car DS hub caps

Bought in sets of 4 this easy DIY project can give a quick and inexpensive custom look to your cart.

Club Car DS hub caps

Choose from many styles and finishes and find these simple to install hub caps to be one of your favorite Club Car DS accessories. 

Smart Parts Golf Cart 8" Wheel Covers Hubcaps, Set of 4 - EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, Chrome SS Design

Investing in Club Car DS accessories can provide you with your own look that reflects your style while giving you a more enjoyable ride. 

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