Club Car Service Manual
For Optimal Performance and Cost Saving Repairs

A Club Car service manual is a great source of information for operating, servicing and fixing your golf cart.  There are several different types of manuals for your Club Car.

Owner's Manual

club car service manual

Most often when someone buys a used golf cart whether it's from a golf cart dealer or a private individual, the owner's manual is nowhere to be found. Unlike a car manual that sits in your glove compartment, this golf cart manual just seems to get lost.

But just like you refer to your car manual for service recommendations or dashboard explanations, a golf cart owner's manual is good to have for reference as well. When I got my "new" 2006 refurbished Club car, I wanted to have an owner's manual.

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The owner's manual has more basic information such as an explanation of controls and indicator lights, how to operate your golf cart safely, and some basics on charging your golf cart batteries or storing your cart. A free Club Car owner's manual can be found at the Club Car website. Just download it to your computer for an easy reference.

The Club Car website offer's this manual for free as a PDF file, but you do need to provide your name, your e-mail address and your vehicle serial number. I saved and downloaded the manual for my year cart and I am happy to have it as a handy reference.

Go to the Club Car website here: Club Car Owner's Manual

Club Car Maintenance and Repair Manual

A Club Car repair manual has to be purchased. Copyright laws prohibit anyone from making or distributing copies of this manual.

Don't waste your time contacting your local authorized Club Car dealer - because they don't keep them in stock. They will have to order one - so you might as well do it yourself and have it shipped to you.

golf cart manual

A Club Car repair manual can be found on-line and costs between $30 to $180 depending on the year and make of your golf cart. It is well worth the investment if you plan to do some of your own basic troubleshooting and repairs.

club car repair manual

It was a little tricky to find a 2006 Club car repair manual. I talked with a tech at Buggies Unlimited who instructed me to buy the Club car manual with this title:

1. Maintenance Manual for 2000 Gas and Electric Club Car Golf Carts  AND

2. 2006 Supplement

I have checked websites like e-Bay of to see if I could find a used Club Car service manual for my 2006 Club Car. So far no luck.

Here are a couple of ideas of how you can get cheap golf cart repair manuals. Here's what I tried:

1. Post an ad on Craig's List - and although I didn't find one there, I did find a person who ended up helping me repair my Club Car

2. Look on e-Bay. That's where I found mine. Cost me all of $15 including shipping.

To purchase your Club Car golf cart repair manual you will need to know:

1. Gas or Electric

2. The model of your Club Car - the two models are DS and Precedent

3. The year the golf cart was made

You will find the year of your golf cart by checking the serial number.

For carts that are 1981 or newer you will find the serial number on the passenger side under the glove compartment.

The first letter identifies the model and then the next two numbers represent the year the cart was made.

Club Car Precedent Golf Cart Manual

You can purchase a Club Car manual from a couple of different places such as Golf Car Catalog at 1-800-328-1953 or Golf Cart Trader at 1-866-324-9901.

Club golf cart manual

Club Car DS Golf Cart Manual

Purchasing the right manual means you need to know the year of your DS golf cart.

Club golf cart manual

Give Golf Cart Garage a call at 800.401.2934, Golf Car Catalog at 1-800-328-1953 or Golf Cart Trader at 1-866-324-9901 a call. Or you can check ebay.

If you like to do your own golf cart repair, one repair (done correctly that is) will pay for the manual. I use mine all the time and keep it in the garage right next to my Club Car.

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