Custom Golf Cart Seats

Custom golf cart seats are a great way to personalize your golf cart and/or enhance its comfort and style.

custom golf cart seats

Ideas for Custom Golf Cart Seats

Choose from two or three color designs and add stitching and cording for an even more custom look. 

custom golf cart seats

Sometimes simple is better with just one color but with added stitching and piping. 

custom golf cart seats

Compare this tan custom golf cart seat that has  stitching and cording to the plain black one with no stitching or cording. 

standard golf cart seat

Here you can see pictures and compare what a standard bench golf cart seat looks like compared to a custom golf cart seat. 

standard golf cart seat

The custom grey and black seat has added center support and foam, stitching and corded accents. 

custom golf cart seat

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The use high density foam prevents the seat cushion from breaking down over time while high-end marine grade vinyl ensures the fabric will hold up to the rain and other elements ... both of which gives the seat a nice plush look and feel. 

custom golf cart seats

Instead of stripes go for a geometric design. 

black red and white golf cart seat

Madjax is well known in the golf cart industry for their durability and seat designs.  They offer three tone cushions sets that have extra thick padding and contour for added comfort. You can check out some ideas here ...

Madjax Custom Golf Cart Seats

Comfortable Custom Golf Cart Seats

Custom golf cart seats are not just about golf cart seat covers, but also about comfort. I started talking with a new golf cart owner who had a top of the line golf cart, brand new, just bought it. On her seat she kept a pillow. She told me how much she loved riding in her new golf cart, but her back didn't. She was trying to support her back with the pillow and it wasn't helping much.

Upgraded seats by Suite Suits are designed to provide comfort with back and side support for the passengers and driver.  Instead of bench style seats where multiple passengers can sit side by side, these custom seats have individual bucket seats, providing separate seating for each passenger.  

Custom Golf Cart Seats by Suite Seats

Some custom golf cart seats may offer additional features such as armrests, head rests, hip support and cup holders.

custom golf cart seats with headrests

Here is a picture of a hybrid custom golf cart seat with a bench style bottom and a bucket style back. 

custom golf cart seats

Comfort and Support

Features that make custom seats comfortable are the quality of the foam, such as high-end furniture cut foam that lends ergonomic support and the design of the seat that focuses on supporting areas that need it most - like the neck, back and hips. 

Custom Golf Cart Rear Seat

custom golf cart seats

Custom golf cart rear seats will be more of a bench shape. This allows a rear flip-seat to still function. You want your rear seat to be styled similarly to your front seats using the same colors and detailed stitching. 

custom golf cart seats

Additional custom features include golf cart rear seat armrests and cup holders and a golf cart safety grab bar. 

Precedent Custom Golf Cart Seats

club car precedent seat kit

Precedent custom golf cart seats with bucket seats can be ordered through your local golf cart dealer or you can find it at eBay here...

Precedent custom golf cart seats

EZ GO Custom Golf Cart Seats

This red EZ GO golf cart is sporting a custom look with this red and black golf cart seat cover with added stitching and red cording. 

custom red and black golf cart seat on an EZGO golf cart

Custom EZ GO Golf Cart Seats and Seat Covers

Club Car DS Front Seat

Club Car DS seats

From solid white vinyl to custom diamond stitching, find the best seats or seat covers to upgrade your Club Car DS. 

Club Car DS Front Seats

Yamaha Golf Cart Seats

Here's an idea for upgrading your Yamaha golf cart seats with a two color design and detailed stitching. 

black copper Yamaha golf cart seats

Yamaha Golf Cart Seats

Golf Cart Seat Cleaner

Mr. Clean MagicEraser is our go to golf cart seat cleaner. It removes dirt and stains.  Just get the eraser wet (no soap needed) and rub it on stains, mold or dirt.

Common dish soap and water can work well for everyday cleaning needs. 

clean golf cart seat with Mr. Clean eraser

Custom golf cart seats can be designed in an endless variety of color choices, designs and stitching.

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