Golf Cart Body Kits

Golf cart body kits are an aftermarket accessory that allows you to customize the appearance of your golf cart. 

Body kits are available in a wide range of styles and designs, allowing golf cart owners to personalize their carts according to their preferences. Some popular body kit options include:

golf cart body kits

  1. Classic or Vintage Style: These body kits give your golf cart a retro look, reminiscent of classic cars from the 1950s or 1960s.
  2. Sports Car or Racing Style: These body kits make your golf cart resemble a sleek sports car or a racing vehicle. They often feature low-profile designs and aggressive styling cues.
  3. Off-Road or Lifted Style: These body kits are suitable for golf carts used in off-road environments. They often include features such as lifted suspensions, rugged fender flares, and beefier tires.
  4. Luxury or Custom Style: These body kits offer a more upscale and luxurious appearance. They may include chrome accents, custom paint options, and unique body lines.

Golf cart body kits are used to replace a damaged body or to give your cart a new customized look. Golf cart bodies can be repaired, repainted or replaced. It is possible to buy a golf cart body specific to your golf cart make and model.

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The color selection is not as good when buying the pre-painted golf cart body parts as it is when you have a custom paint job.

If you are thinking about giving you cart a new paint job, which can cost close to $500, you may want to consider purchasing a golf cart body kit instead. This would be a good option if the body of your golf cart has some cracks and damage to the fiberglass.

These kits can be purchased pre-painted with or without the headlights cut out.

The cost to have your cart painted versus buying new painted golf cart body parts is not too different. This way you get a new body and a new paint job.

Club Car Golf Cart Body Kits

golf cart body kits

To give you an idea, this Club Car DS kit was available from e-Bay and included a front cowl and rear body for around $575. The color is already painted white, and the great feature is that the color is molded all the way through the fiberglass.

The holes are already drilled so that you can begin replacing your new body parts right away.

Adjustable head lights and tail lights with a wire harness kit are included.

Bodies must be shipped truck freight and the cost varies depending on the location from the east coast.

Check it out a great selection eBay here:

Club Car Golf Cart Body Kits

EZGO Golf Cart Body Kits

Revitalize the appearance of your RXV Golf Cart with a change to the front cowl and rear body with E-Z-GO's Body and Cowl Packages. Installation is more convenient with the complete body kit. Available in an assortment of vibrant colors, the front cowl and rear body assemblies provide a durable, weather resistant structure to the vehicle for added endurance and protection. Finish Color Choices are:


Flame Red

Inferno Red

The body parts are shipped with a protective plastic film.

Light Kit includes rectangle headlights and taillights, On/Off Switch and Wiring Harness.

EZ GO Golf Cart Body Kits

Yamaha Golf Cart Body Kits

Go with a color-infused plastic with a high-gloss scratch-resistant clear coat finish body kit.

Yamaha Golf Cart Body Kits

'57 Chevy Custom Golf Cart 

Instead of replacing your body parts with a standard front cowl and rear body, you can choose to customize your cart - make it look more like a truck or a '57 Chevy.

custom golf cart bodies

Of course you will be paying lots more for this one-of-a-kind golf cart, but there are some really cool options.

For example this one pictured uses a fiberglass body that is designed to fit any year Club Car DS or EZ-GO standard model. This body comes as a kit with all accessories needed for a proper installation.

Windshield, seats, dashboards, wheels and tires are sold separately. They can be included in the crate to keep shipping costs down.

Kit includes all lights, signals, bullets, fins, decal badges, front grille and light bar with center emblem. Please specify Club DS or EZGO when ordering.

Custom Body Kits

When considering a golf cart body kit, it's important to ensure compatibility with your specific make and model of golf cart. Additionally, some kits may require professional installation or modification, so it's worth checking the manufacturer's recommendations and considering your own mechanical skills before purchasing.

Golf cart body kits can be a fun way to personalize your cart and give it a unique look.

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