Golf Cart Locks
and Security Tips to Prevent Golf Cart Theft

Golf cart locks and/or security tips can prevent your cart from being stolen or taken for a joy ride.  In our golf cart community it's not uncommon to read about golf cart thefts in our local paper.  Often the carts are just taken for a joy ride and then abandoned but other times the cart is gone for good.

golf cart security

Store in a Garage

Of course the best security solution is to store your cart in a garage.

golf cart security tips

Home owners in our golf cart community often have a golf cart garage that's usually like a 3rd garage but smaller than the garage space for your car.  If you have the space, store your cart in the garage when not in use. 

Unique Golf Cart Key

Many people are unaware that the key that usually comes with your golf cart is what is called a "common" key, which means it can be used to drive other similar golf carts. 

golf cart security

So if your cart is parked outside and you've removed the key, someone could come with a "common" key and drive away with your cart.  However, it's very inexpensive to replace a lost common key or to have extras on hand for several drivers. 

Common Golf Cart Keys

A "unique" key requires the installation of a new key switch.  Look for the words "unique" or "uncommon".  This means that the key for your golf cart cannot work with anyone else's cart nor can someone with a common key use it to start your golf cart.

golf cart security with unique key

This golf cart part is specific to your golf cart make and model as well as the year it was manufactured. Also the ignition key switch is specific to a gas or an electric cart. 

A kit usually comes with an ignition switch and two unique keys that cannot be used on any other golf cart. 

Golf Cart Unique Key Switches and Keys
ez go golf cart key

Golf Cart Locks for Tires

Feel more comfortable about leaving your golf cart outside unattended by securing it with a golf cart lock. Locks can be used on the tires or steering wheel.

Here is a picture of a golf cart lock that locks onto your wheels/tires. 

golf cart tire lock

Put the lock onto the wheel, push and lock.  Pay attention to the size of your tire width and wheel thickness. 

Most of the locks have a 10" tire width maximum and a 7" wheel thickness maximum.

Golf Cart Locks for Tires

Golf Cart Locks for Steering Wheels

Golf cart locks for your steering wheel means you don't have to bend down and get near the ground to lock and unlock your security device.

golf cart steering wheel lock

The Club Steering Wheel Lock...

  • Attaches the steering wheel to the brake or clutch pedal making the vehicle impossible to steer and/or stop
  • Features a bright red finish for high visibility
  • The Club's patented self-locking feature locks with one pull
  • Universal fit for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs
  • Made of sturdy tempered steel construction
The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel Golf Cart Lock

The Club UTL800 Utility Lock is a favorite and commonly used lock.

  • Length adjusts from 13-3/4 inches up to 20-1/4 inches
  • Weather resistant and easy to use
  • Extra heavy duty construction withstands over 1,500 pounds of pressure

The Club UTL800 Utility Lock

Another option is a golf cart security bar.

Golf Cart Locks Using a Simple Combination Lock

Use a chain lock with a combination as your golf cart lock to keep your cart secure. This inexpensive option can work for any golf cart and provides a simple easy solution to locking up your cart. 

golf cart locks

Simply wrap the chain around the steering wheel and a windshield strut.  No need to buy a lock that is specific to your cart model or make. 

Chain Locks with Combination

Secure your golf cart and prevent anyone from stealing your cart with golf cart locks and these security measures. 

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