Golf Cart Performance Parts

Golf cart performance parts can give your cart more speed or more power to get up hills or to carry heavier loads.

golf cart performance parts

Living in a golf cart community, we take our golf cart all over town - which we love to do. But I frequently pull off to the side so that the faster moving golf carts can pass us. That's because I own a 1987 Club Car that is very reliable - but slower than the newer carts.

I think it's time to look at getting this cart up to speed ... literally. So how do you make your golf cart go faster?

There are several ways you can get your cart moving faster, but first there are some questions that need to be asked:

1. How is the cart being used - golfing, hunting, hauling, or getting around town

2. Where is the cart being used - flat streets, like Florida or off-road in the mountains of North Carolina.

How to Make a Golf Cart Go Faster

Here is what you need to get your golf cart going faster and with more power:

1. High Speed Gear Set

Installing a high speed gear set.

With these sets you gain speed but you loose torque. Not a good option if you live in a very hilly area or if you haul heavy loads.

2. Golf Cart Motors

Replacing your existing motor with a high speed or high torque motor.

golf cart performance parts

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Factors such as a lift kit, oversized tires, back seat or a hauling bed will affect which motor to purchase. This golf cart performance part is specific to a golf cart make and whether your cart is electric or gas. 

Here is a picture of a  Torque Motor that works with lifted golf carts and can be used on rugged terrain, brush, mud, or for extreme off-roading, hunting, or towing.

Fits 1995 & Up 48V Club Car Solid State Systems

Motor Performance: 12-16 MPH (with 22" or larger tires) / Torque - 40% increase

Motor Specification: 4.3 HP @ 2525 RPM / Peak HP: 13.6

An upgraded controller and solenoid are required to optimize power.  Check out golf cart motors at Amazon:

Golf Cart Motors

3.  Buy Larger Tires

golf cart performance parts

If you are looking for more speed, consider getting larger tires. The larger the tires the larger the revolution. You will sacrifice some torque if you go this route.  This is the easiest way to make your golf cart go faster and usually will cost less than adding speed components. To be sure you are getting the speed benefits of larger tires, keep your tires properly inflated.

large and standard golf cart tire side by side

If you want put on larger tires you can either install a lift kit or purchase low-profile tires. We purchased a 2016 EZGO TXT that allows for larger tires without having to install a lift kit. 

4. High Performance Controller

Install a higher amperage, high performance controller. 

Determining how and where the golf cart will be used will help determine the correct amps for your controller. Those who drive on a mostly flat surface with a light load need less amps while those who often carry 4 passengers or more on hilly terrain need a higher amperage.  Controller amps can range from 200-800 amps and are built for either 36 volt or 48 volt golf carts. 

For an in-depth article on how controllers work ...

Golf Cart Speed Controllers, A Basic Understanding of Controllers

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