Golf Cart Rear Seat

A golf cart rear seat is great to have to carry kids or company around town, hold grocery bags, or to haul gardening supplies.

golf cart rear seat

For those living in a golf cart it's an especially useful accessory. It's great for taking friends out to dinner or for picking up the grandkids.

You can purchase your golf cart as a 4 seat golf cart with the rear seat or you can add it later.

golf cart rear seat

Most rear seats are rear facing and are added later to a two seat golf cart. 

golf cart rear seat

These rear seat kits can be purchased on line at places like Amazon. The kits are specific to your golf cart make, model and year.

You will need to know which model golf cart you own. Next decide on a seat color - the three most common options are beige, white or black. Color combinations are also available for a more custom look.

Be sure to pick a seat cover color that matches the color of the front seats.

golf cart rear seats

EZGO Golf Cart Rear Seat Kits

Yamaha Golf Cart Rear Seat Kits

Club Car Golf Cart Rear Seat Kit

Madjax Golf Cart Rear Seat Kit

golf cart rear seat

You might notice a few upgrades on this Madjax golf cart rear seat kit.  Wide armrests with built in drink holders and an extra long golf cart safety grab bar. 

Madjax Genesis Golf Cart Rear Seat Kits

Safety Grab Bar for Your Golf Cart Rear Seat

golf cart rear seat accessory

Many people also add a safety grab bar. It gives your passengers something to hang onto when they hit a bumpy stretch of golf cart paths. And we have them in Peachtree City -  tree roots get under the paths and there is some serious bouncing for your back seat riders.

This is a universal golf cart part and works on most fixed and rear flip seats.

Universal Golf Cart Grab Bar

This golf cart rear seat trailer hitch with receiver and grab bar is a useful golf cart accessory for anyone who wants to do some hauling.

This golf cart accessory is made to fit a variety of rear seats so for some rear seats, modification may or will be required. 

Rear Seat Trailer Hitch with Receiver and Grab Bar for Golf Cart Rear Seat

Golf Cart Rear Seat Seat Belts

golf cart rear seat seat belts
Golf Cart Set of 4 Retractable Belt Kit with Bracket - Universal - Fits Most Yamaha, Club and EZ GO golf carts

EZ Go Flip Golf Cart Rear Seat

What's so cool about the golf cart flip seats is that they can easily convert from extra seating to a handy cargo carrier.

golf cart rear seat
EZ Go Golf Cart Flip Rear Seat Kit

Club Car Golf Cart Rear Seat Flip Kits

We added a golf cart flip seat to our Club Car - this way we can use it to take more people on the cart or use it around the yard to haul mulch, move plants or carry away debris.

golf cart rear seat
golf cart rear seat
Club Car Golf Cart Flip Rear Seat Kits

golf cart rear seat

Golf cart flip seats are available for Club, EZ GO and Yamaha golf carts. 

You can contact your local golf cart dealer to order and install one for you. Or you can do it yourself by ordering a flip seat on line.

golf cart rear seat

You will need to know the make, model and year of your golf cart. Your golf cart will probably require heavy duty springs if you add the extra rear seat yourself.

You can check out some kit options here at Amazon: 

Golf Cart Rear Seat Flip Kits

 Arm Rests and Drink Holders

golf cart rear seat accessory

For the comfort of your back seat passengers add arm rests and cup holders.  This golf cart accessory comes as a set of two and with several color options - beige, black, ivory and hunter green. 

Stenten Golf Cart Arm Rest Rear - Cushion with Cup Holder

Made to fit EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha and Star golf carts, this set of tan universal arm rests includes the mounting hardware and installation instructions. 

golf cart rear seat cup holder
Golf Cart Rear Seat Arm Rests & Cup Holder - Tan for EZGO, Club Car & Yamaha Golf Carts

Extended Golf Cart Roof

When you add a rear seat you may want to switch out your golf cart top to an extended one that protects your rear seat passengers.  This short top leaves your passengers in the back unprotected from the hot sun or a cold rain. 

golf cart rear seat

See how this 80" golf cart top extends over the rear seat?  When you purchase a top check to see if the struts come with it.

golf cart rear seat
Universal 80” Black Golf Cart Roof

Adding a rear seat can be useful in many different ways.  The cart can be used on and off the golf course, can accommodate more passengers, can be useful for hauling and often it's easier to sell than a 2 passenger cart.

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