Golf Cart Schematics

Golf cart schematics can be found in most golf cart repair manuals as well as some other free resources.

A golf cart wiring diagram is a great help in troubleshooting any problems with your golf cart or if you want to replace your own golf cart batteries or perform other types of repairs.

golf cart schematics

You will need to know the make, model and year of your golf cart to get the correct repair, parts or service manual.

I usually just ...

Go to

Select "images" in the navigation bar on the top

Type in "golf cart wiring diagram"

and you can find just about any wiring picture you need whether it is for a Club, EZ Go, Melex, or Yamaha.

Really, it's amazing how quickly and easily you can find one for your make and model.

Yamaha Golf Cart Schematics

You can access the Yamaha's schematics for free from the Yamaha Golf Cart Owner's Manual. There are three types of Yamaha golf cart manuals - an owner's manual, a service or repair manual and a parts manual.

This link will take you to the owner's Yamaha golf cart manual. Then select the year and model of your golf cart. Usually the last page shows a basic golf cart wiring diagram.

golf cart schematics

You will be taken to a PDF file that you can download and print for free. 

Yamaha Owner's Manual

For those who are interested in doing most of your own golf cart repair, then a Yamaha golf cart service manual is needed. They range in price from $86 - $115. I always buy a repair manual for each golf cart that I've owned. I usually re-coup the cost in one repair.

EZ Go Wiring Diagram

The schematics for EZ Go is not in the EZ Go Owner's Manual.  You can do an image search on line, but be sure to specify the year and model of your EZ Go golf cart. Golf cart forums, like Buggies Gone Wild also provides a place where other golf cart owners have posted diagrams.

golf cart wiring diagrams

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If you plan to do most your golf cart repairs, it is best to buy a golf cart repair manual. I refer to mine and find it invaluable. Check e-Bay first. I tried to find a manual there for my "new" 2006 refurbished golf cart, but so far I've only found "Owner's Manuals." These manuals have some tips for golf cart use and maintenance and maybe a few easy repairs - but you don't want to buy one of these if you are looking for golf cart schematics or diagrams.

Amazon sellers offer golf cart repair manuals for EZ Go golf carts. Click here:

EZGO Golf Cart Service Manual

Club Car Wiring Diagram

Some of the popular golf cart websites sell a Club Car service manual for around $58 - $147. When I was looking for this golf cart repair manual I first checked e-Bay and Craig's list to see if I could find a used one.

golf cart wiring diagrams

Although I didn't find a Club Car Manual on Craig's list, I created a posting stating I was looking for one. I got a response from a man, who couldn't sell me a manual, but said that he was available to help me trouble shoot my golf cart repair problem. And I did. Funny thing, he only lived a couple of blocks from my house. He gave me a good, used solenoid and my cart was running like new again.

For those of you who are in a hurry and need a Club Car wiring diagram yesterday, buy the manual from Amazon:

You can see an assortment of golf cart schematics on my Pinterest Board here:

Golf Cart Wiring Diagrams

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