Trojan Golf Cart Batteries

Trojan golf cart batteries are considered by many golf cart dealers as the best lead acid golf cart batteries for electric golf carts. Trojan Battery Company was founded in 1925 by George Godber and Carl Speer and in the nearly 100 years of battery manufacturing, Trojan Battery Company has become the world’s leading manufacturer of deep cycle flooded batteries as well as  AES, AGM, gel, and lithium-ion batteries. 

set of Trojan golf cart batteries connected by golf cart cables

The three qualities Trojan golf cart batteries are known for are

their reliability,

long life span and

high performance

along with their wide range of battery innovation and solutions. 

These electric golf cart batteries have much thicker plates than automotive batteries. Unlike a car that only needs one battery, an electric golf cart requires battery packs. They come in 6 volt or 8 volt batteries.

trojan golf cart batteries

Combine the total voltage from each battery to make up the total golf cart voltage. As an example, a 36-volt golf cart would have six 6-volt batteries. A 48-volt golf cart would have six 8-volt batteries. The higher the voltage the greater the power and the longer the service time.

trojan golf cart batteries

A deep cycle battery can be deeply discharged and charged many times during its service life. They also provide a steady current over a long period of time, instead of brief bursts of high current over a short time period like a car battery.

trojan golf cart batteries

Increased Travel Time

Many golf courses use Trojan golf cart batteries in their fleet. They have been around since 1952. These deep cycle batteries offer a durable and reliable golf cart battery.

Trojan boasts that "compared to traditional 8-volt batteries, the Ranger 160 increases travel time by 35% between charges, while the Traveler 8V delivers over 40% longer life."

Trojan offers golf car batteries as sealed absorbent glass mat (AGM) and GEL batteries along with the deep cycle wet batteries. The AGM and GEL batteries are maintenance free.

trojan golf cart batteries

Anyone who owns and uses an electric golf cart regularly like we do, wants to know "What is the best deep cycle battery?"

Now, I'm not saying that I can answer that question, but we've been shopping around for a used electric golf cart from our local golf cart dealers. Golf cart dealers always make sure that we notice when a cart has Trojan golf cart batteries installed, stating that they are the best because of their longevity and reliability.  Yamaha now installs Trojan batteries in all of their new golf carts.

Replacing Golf Cart Batteries

We were able to make it almost 7 years before our golf cart batteries wouldn't hold a charge long enough for a round of 18 holes.  That's when I knew it was time to replace them. 

replacing golf cart batteries

After shopping around at our local golf cart dealers, we decided to have Batteries + Bulbs do the replacing.  They offered a fair price for a 12 volt set of  Trojan golf cart.  We have used other discount brands of electric golf cart batteries and they have not given us the performance that Trojan batteries do - they didn't give the power for going up hills, the distance to cruise around town or the same longevity as the Trojan batteries. 

Hydrolink Watering System

Trojan has developed a very innovative and safe technology for accurate battery watering called the HydroLink System.

It is a snake tubing that is now pre-installed in new, wet Trojan golf cart batteries. If you own Trojan batteries you can buy the snake tubing and easily install it yourself.

Accurate watering improves the life of your battery and reduces battery damage from corrosion.

The system includes a water level indicator that does not give false readings. Black indicates the water level is sufficient and white means that your batteries are in need of water.

No more guessing when or how much water to add to your golf cart batteries.

Technical Support

If you have questions about your Trojan golf cart battery performance, maintenance or storage Trojan offers free technical support. You can e-mail them from their website or you may call and talk to a technician at 1-800-423-6569.

trojan batteries golf cart

Want to learn more about golf cart battery charging and maintenance? Trojan Battery Company now offers free videos and tutorials on their website called "Trojan Tips."

According to Vicki Hall, Trojan's director of quality and technical services, "One of the most important features of electrically powered equipment and probably one of the most ignored is the battery."

Anyone can take advantage of this free learning opportunity by going to the Trojan website. Click on the link below and then on the left of the page you will see "View Our Latest Videos, Including Our New Trojan Tips."

My favorite video is

Trojan Tips - Deep-Cycle Flooded Battery Maintenance to Ensure Optimum Performance and Maximum Life

Learn proper safety techniques, cleaning methods, watering, equalization, how to avoid stratification and calculating specific gravity to maintain the health your deep-cycle batteries.

Taking all these facts into consideration, it is clear that the benefits of Trojan golf cart batteries clearly surpass their competitors.  They also add value and convenience to the golf cart owner’s life. When you buy Trojan, you’re not just getting a golf cart battery; you’re making an investment in a reliable, lasting, and high performing power solution. 

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