Used Club Car Golf Cart

Consider a used Club Car golf cart if you are in the market for buying a used electric golf cart. I've been a golf cart owner for over 25 years and while I've owned other makes, my used Club Car has been one of my favorites. 

black front cowl of club car ds

These golf carts are very reliable and are a good value for the money. Club Car is a reputable and well known brand for golf carts, especially in our golf cart community of Peachtree City.  Club cars are known for their durability, longevity and perform reliably when, like any other golf cart, they are well maintained. 

When we first moved to our golf cart community, this was the golf cart make that we purchased - 27 years ago. Other than replacing batteries and a tire (and a smashed in headlight) it caused me no problems.

Because Club Car is a well-known brand, you will find that parts for repairs, upgrades, and Club Car golf cart accessories are readily available.

Used Electric Club Golf Carts

What should I look for in a used electric golf cart?

Consider buying from a dealer who has refurbished the cart. Golf cart dealers get their used carts from golf courses that have upgraded their carts.

used club car

The dealer then refurbishes the golf carts which usually includes

an inspection,

a good cleaning, and 

a comprehensive overhaul.

Dealers often sell refurbished golf carts with a warranty. Find out how long the warranty is good for and what it covers.

Usually you can get a used Club Car cheaper buying from an individual. However, in this case, you are buying "as is." 

It becomes more important to perform a good inspection. What should you look for?

Identify Model and Year of a Used Club Car

Starting in the 1980s Club Car vehicles have a serial number plaque at the lower edge of the dashboard. The serial number convention is 12 characters and indicates the model, the model year and the production week the vehicle was produced.

black club car ds

For example:


PQ=Precedent Electric 06=2006 Model Year 04=Fourth production week

If you cannot find a serial number plaque contact Club Car with the serial number from the transaxle, electric motor or gas engine.

Utilizing that information we can assist you with identifying the serial number of your vehicle.

Used Club Car Dealers

used club car dealer

Around Peachtree City there are several golf cart dealers that sell new and used golf carts. Sometimes the used golf carts are from trade-ins. These carts are sold "as is." 

Other times the golf cart dealer has bought a fleet of "retired" golf carts from a golf course. Instead of selling them "as is", they actually refurbish them with new batteries, cables, tires and lights. Refurbished golf carts usually come with some kind of warranty. 

When shopping around for a used golf cart, it's a good idea to check out the refurbished golf carts.

Used Club Car Prices

used club car prices

Unlike regular cars, there is no golf cart "blue book" AND unlike cars, the age of the golf cart is not as important as the condition of the cart.

A refurbished 1987 Club golf cart with new batteries can sell for more than a 2000 Club golf cart with old batteries and in poor condition. The condition of a used golf cart can vary greatly depending on the care taken by the previous owner.

Some of the important things to consider when determining the value of a used golf cart is:

1. The age of the batteries - there is a date code listed on the batteries

used club car prices

2. How well maintained was the cart. Check the water levels of the batteries.

3. How was the cart used and how often

4. The condition of the tires

5. What golf cart accessories are included - like a golf cart enclosure, radio, brush guard, baskets or mirrors

6. The condition of the body - check for scratches and any bending of the frame

7. The condition of the seats. Check for tears or stains.

8.  Is it a 2 or 4 seater golf cart with a flip down rear seat

Look at several golf carts to get an idea of used golf cart values in your area. Be sure to test drive them. While driving, pay attention to the power, speed, and brake conditions. I like to test drive the cart up hill to check out its speed and power. 

To get an idea of price ranges for a used Club Car, check your local classifieds, local golf cart dealerships, and online marketplaces.

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